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Creating a Comprehensive Website for Sun Can Immigration

Web Design casestudy

About Sun Can Immigration:

Sun Can Immigration helps people land a visa to Canada. People are often anxious and fearful about the visa process. The goal of Sun Can immigration is to minimize the complications involved in the visa process by taking a strategic approach.


The goal of the project was to yield a fun-field and interactive website. It required us to display clients’ services to the best of our capabilities and ensure a professional interface. Let us look at the primary project objectives:

  • 1. Maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the website. The client had specific requirements regarding the illustration and functional element placements.
  • 2. Ensure an easily navigable, user-friendly, and informative user interface.
  • 3. Add functionality to the website as the client specified in the project requirements.
  • 4. Prioritize requirements to manage the time frame and ensure the project delivery in the given time frame.

Challenges We Faced

  • 1. Animated Graphic Work

    The client had vivid requirements for animated graphic designs. Our primary challenge was to match client requirements while maintaining brand consistency. Industrial relevance was another thing to keep in check. The client asked us to add motion to the graphics while providing the information to the website visitors. Throughout this process, we had to iterate graphics multiple times to match our client requirements and excel our web development campaign.

  • 2. CRS Calculator Script

    CRS calculator is one of the functional elements of the website. It helps people know their chances of landing a visa to Canada. Numerous factors greatly influence their chances of landing a visa to Canada. It includes:

    • 1. Marital experience
    • 2. Level of education
    • 3. Possession of a Canadian degree or diploma
    • 4. Language test results

    It was a daunting task to code the CRS calculator script. Several variables needed to be improvised to ascertain the correct score.

  • 3. Table of Content Script

    A table of content is a list of topics that a specific article covers. A script adds functionality to it. It enables visitors to jump to their topic of interest anywhere on the webpage. The client required a fixed sidebar on each page. However, the content was different for each page. It required us to create a varying code structure for each page. A table of the content script is essential for enabling visitors to navigate the website and ensure the quality of the consumer experience.

  • 4. Calendly Integration

    Calendly is a tool that adds a scheduling feature to your website. In this case, it helped website visitors to book a consultation with our client on their preferred dates. We spoke to the Calendly team to work on the design and compatibility parameters. Our primary focus was to make it engaging and aesthetically pleasing to the visitor.

  • 5. Upload Large Data Using Putty

    The website had an enormous background code base. On top of that, illustrations such as infographics and high-quality images added to its enormity. It could have significantly decreased the speed of the website. We leveraged compression tools and techniques to minimize the file size and increase the website loading speed. Shifting this whole website from our company server to an actual

Our Planning

  • Requirement Analysis

    Our primary goal was to have a deep understanding of client requirements. Thankfully the client sent us a PDF that comprises a detailed explanation of his requirements. The client was very particular about the functional website elements and the infographics. Other project requirement analysis include adding motion to the website elements and high-definition images.

  • Website Analysis

    It is essential to analyze the existing website to determine the scale of the solution required. Some of the client's requirements can be fulfilled by making minor changes to the website and can help minimize the budget of the project. We conducted a thorough website analysis to understand the scale of the solution required. It provided insights into the overall budget of the project.

  • Creating a Strategy

    Website development is a complex process. Without a strategy in place, it can fall apart. A web development strategy is a step-by-step guide to comprehensive web development. It works as navigation and provides a direction for the web development campaign to progress. We compiled the data obtained from the requirement analysis to create a web development strategy.

  • Obtaining source code from Stack Overflow and Github repository

    Stack Overflow and Github repositories are the tools that enable businesses to search pre-developed codes. These pre-developed codes form the basis of a web development project. However, these tools are filled with loads of source codes. It was essential to sort them and determine the ones essential to fulfill the project requirements.

  • Implementing the Jquery selector script to achieve the desired results

    Creating a stable table and altering the content on each page were among the most challenging tasks of this project. We improvised Jquery to fulfill this requirement. This process went through various iterations before the client approved it. The key thing to check in here was its adherence to the website aesthetics and the improvisation of industry-specific elements.

  • Live chat with Calendly platform to set up payment process in it

    Another challenge with Calendly integration was setting up the payment system. Here, Calendly enables website visitors to provide their details to the client and book a consultation for a specific date and time. This process is followed by transferring interested visitors to the payment page. Here they are provided with multiple payment options to pay for consultation services. We had to go into a long process of dialogue with the developers at Calendly to get this done.

  • UX/UI recommendations

    It is essential to provide a thorough interface to increase consumer engagement. The client initially had a vague idea of the user interface on their website. We analyzed client competitors to determine the best user interface for their target audience.
    Another thing to emphasize greatly was the quality of the user experience. We provided recommendations to help them ensure a high-quality user experience for their visitors.

Our Results

Here is an overview of the website interface at the end of the development process.

Web Design casestudy

The completion of the project required multiple iterations. Our web design professionals had to go through a continuous process of trial and error before the website prelaunch. Well, it was worth it as our client was pleased with their overall experience of working with us. She provided us with a 5-star rating on Google My Business. She was so amazed by our work ethic that she sent us a token of appreciation to express her gratitude.

Web Design casestudy

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