7 Reasons Why You Should Love Digital Marketing

Why you should love digital marketing over traditional marketing channels including offline and  TV & Radio. There are a lot of reasons. We have highlighted the seven most important reasons for you to choose and love digital marketing:

1. Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Many strategies, measures, and techniques of digital marketing can be applied completely without media budgets, such as the search engine optimization of your own website, the setting up of an e-mail campaign, or the development of social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter. Other measures, such as showing Google ads, only cost you a bit if the user really clicks on your ad and ends up with where you want it. Similarly, Affiliate Marketing works.

Here you only pay a small amount if the user who came to you via an ad performs a specific action, eg the purchase of one of your products.¬†Of course, you can also use online advertising budgets to generate reach and accelerate the success of your campaign ‚Äď but you do not have to.

2. Digital Marketing is Measurable

Henry Ford¬†once said, ‚ÄúI know, half of my advertising is thrown out money.¬†I just do not know which half. ‚ÄúThis statement cannot be ignored even TV & radio continue to pretend that the advertising effectiveness of their channels is transparent.¬†Online that is indisputably different.¬†Even if the ‚Äútransparent customer‚ÄĚ in the meantime in India sometimes even the consumer or data protection clairaudience, so has the measurement and collection of user data for marketers but clear advantages.¬†Whether it‚Äôs user behavior on your own website or the success of a campaign ‚Äď everything is measurable down to the smallest detail, provided that a corresponding tracking has been set up.¬†The most popular and free web tracking tool is¬†Google Analytics.¬†Once set up, you can easily measure the success of your actions.

3. Digital Marketing is Interactive

The digital world allows you to get in direct contact with your customers. For antiquated companies, the idea may still be a dreadful one. However, those who are clever recognize the huge potential inherent in direct interaction. For example, a few years ago, Bosch set up a home improvement community, where customers could discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Bosch products and exchange experiences. Since then, Bosch has been using the criticisms and suggestions collected there to improve its products and shows its core target group that they are taken seriously and that they participate in product development.

4. Digital Marketing is Targeted

On digital marketing channels, you can reach exactly the target audience that you really want to reach. There are almost unlimited filters available: gender, age, region/place, interests, device, etc. This not only has advantages for you as an entrepreneur, because even the customer feels connected to the ad. Although many companies still transfer offline principles into the digital world, that means only that they have not yet understood what their target audiences.

5. Digital Marketing is Flexible

Digital marketing allows you to change strategy and optimize in real time. A simple example: You want to sell a product and start an ad campaign on Google for that purpose. They test different ads in parallel to find out which one works best. At the same time, you can test on your website which (product) images or buttons have the greatest impact on conversion. Because you always have real-time access to your data, you can always make valid changes to optimize your campaign results.

6. Digital Marketing is Informative

We live in the information age. Customers want to information, compare and select product or services themselves. Digital marketing allows you to provide your customers with all the important content regardless of time and location, making it so much easier to convince them of their service and products. Is your product good? Then show it and do not hide behind empty advertising slogans.

7. Digital Marketing is Global

Ever since the establishment of Google,  today every company can sell its products almost worldwide. Be aware of this and take advantage of your opportunities to penetrate new markets.

Have we forgotten something else, why digital marketing is indispensable for companies today? Can you think of other reasons?

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