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PPC Sales Campaign for Azraels Armoury

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Azraels Armoury is one of Australia's exclusive Gel Blaster stores. They provide a variety of Gel Blaster toys and operate in different locations across Australia. It is a boutique showroom displaying high-end premium GEL blasters and pistols. They began business in 2017 as an upgrade parts manufacturer for Gel blasters. In 2019 they began producing and importing APS gel blasters to Australia.


The goal of the online marketing campaign was to increase the website visibility and sales through paid marketing. Depending upon the requirements analysis we carried out, here are the objectives we set for this campaign:

  • 1. Enhancing the online visibility of the client website
  • 2. Eradicating technical issues to make the website technically sound
  • 3. Improvising paid per click marketing for sales generation
  • 4. Monitoring campaign to optimize it for better results

Our Planning

As stated, the campaign aimed at increasing brand awareness and domestic sales. It was essential to frame a plan to ensure the overall growth of the client website. Here are the essentials we emphasized in the online marketing strategy we crafted for the Azraels Armoury:

  • 1. Finding the most suitable keywords to ensure the websites reach the potential audience.
  • 2. Precisely defining the target audience to add to the success of the ongoing campaign.
  • 3. Increasing the organic reach of the website and increasing SERP rankings.
  • 4. Focusing on technical SEO to essentialize navigation for the search engine crawlers and visitors.
  • 5. Carrying search campaigns to increase sales through PPC marketing.
  • 6. Tracking and optimizing the live campaigns to ensure better results.
  • 7. Increasing click-through rates by narrowing down the bandwidth of the target audience.
  • 8. Setting up essential KPIs to measure campaign performance.

Challenges We Faced:

It was a challenging task to frame a digital marketing strategy to ensure the multi-dimensional growth of the client website. Here are some challenges we faced while assisting Azraels Armoury to achieve its dreams.

  • 1. Requirement Analysis

    One of the most daunting tasks was to establish a detailed understanding of the client's requirements. It requires a thorough understanding of their business model and essential business activities. We created a comprehensive questionnaire to obtain vital information and set particulars for the campaign. We identified the gaps in their marketing strategy and worked to eradicate them.

  • 2. Keyword Research

    Researching the right keywords is essential for the success of a marketing campaign. Besides, another thing to be emphasized was the budget client provided. We had to find the keywords that appeal to the target audience and are affordable to support the PPC marketing campaign. We emphasize tools to determine the most appropriate keywords for the ongoing campaign. It includes SE Rankings, Ahrefs, and Google keyword planner.

  • 3. Website Optimization

    The first step towards a professionally optimized website was to run a gap analysis. It aimed at determining the issues hindering website visibility and providing potential solutions. Multiple elements required erection to essentialize a better user experience. Our web developers acted upon it to make the website user-friendly.

  • 4. Boosting Online Visibility

    The primary goal of the campaign was to increase sales. However, depending solely on the PPC campaign would not help. A dominant online presence is essential to acquaint potential business prospects with your products and services. We created a backlink-building strategy to increase their authority and increase visibility.

  • 5. Overcoming Competition

    Several established competitors were fighting for the attention of the specific target audience we were targeting. It required us to identify the digital marketing trends and utilize them to stand out from the competition. We helped them implement the digital marketing trends in their marketing strategy and grab the attention of their target audience.

  • 6. Creating Comprehensive Ads

    Consumer attention has decreased over time. It is essential to grab the customer's attention as soon as possible to convert him to a visitor. We analyzed customer preferences and the client's requirements to create attractive ads to excel the PPC campaign. Here is an example of the search ads we created for Azrael's Armoury.

  • 7. Campaign Creation

    After the detailed research, we decided to carry out a search campaign for PPC marketing. It required us to utilize the keywords we targeted specifically for the PPC campaign. We improvised the intel obtained from the competitor's PPC marketing strategy to strengthen Azrael Armouries PPC campaign.

  • ppc casestudy
  • 7. Regular Ads Optimization

    It is essential to keep track of the campaign once it becomes live. Tracking the performance of the keywords and optimizing them is indispensable to ensure the maximum reach possible for the ongoing campaign. Live tracking enables us to identify and eradicate the errors that may hinder its progress.

  • 7. Controlling Cost Per Click

    One of the biggest challenges during the live tracking of the campaign was to control the CPC. An overboard CPC can ruin the ROI you set for your marketing campaign. Multiple factors may be responsible for an excessive CPC. We kept track of the bid amount to avail of any concession possible. We emphasized search term optimization to eradicate negative keywords consuming the budget. We also enabled ad presentations on the relevant keywords by adding them as the campaign progressed.


The campaign aimed at increasing the organic rankings on the SERPs and sales generation. The results obtained through the search engine marketing we carried out are as follows:

ppc casestudy

As we began our SEO campaign, we were soon able to increase their SERP rankings for multiple keywords. The number of keywords it ranked organically increased from 206 to 1262. Benefiting from the multi-dimensional approach to improve the on-page and off-page SEO, we achieved tremendous success in enhancing their organic rankings on the SERPs.

Another goal essential for the success of the PPC campaign was to increase sales through PPC marketing. We choose Google as the preferred platform to utilize for paid marketing. We carried out a search campaign to increase sales on the online platforms. Here are the results we obtained through our paid marketing endeavors.

ppc casestudy

We benefited greatly from the PPC-specific keyword research and achieved exceptional success with a cost per conversion (CPC) of A$13.74. Our expert project managers worked their best to understand the client requirements and frame a marketing strategy to help them achieve their business goals.

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