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What Are The Best Strategies to Gain Backlinks from Educational and Government Websites

You may be familiar with the phrase that says: High-quality backlink is the backbone of off-page search engine optimization. Now, getting backlinks from .edu and .gov domains is one of the toughest jobs. But it’s not impossible! With appropriate and strategic plans, you may gain backlinks from educational and government websites.

As government and educational sites are careful of whom they give backlinks or build connections with, Google or other search engines consider these websites highly authoritative.

When you are going to build links, just keep one thing in mind. High-quality backlinks not only increase website authority but also enhance the search engine ranks and targeted traffic to your site.

Today, we are going to discuss a few impressive practices that will assist you in creating valuable backlinks from authoritative government and educational websites.

What are .edu or .gov backlinks?

The .edu and .gov domains stand for educational and government websites respectively.

When creating backlinks, you should prefer sites that will be of great value to your website. You can approach website owners with the following domains, such as,

  • .com
  • .edu
  • .gov
  • .net
  • .org

Anyway, .edu and .gov are top-level domains that can transfer high PageRank value for your web page that you are acquiring backlinks.

How to Get Backlinks from .edu and .gov Sites?

  1. Analyzing Competitors’ Backlinks

It is one of the easiest ways to get a basic idea of websites that your competitors built high-authority .edu and .gov links.

Analyze the backlinks profile of your competitors on Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc., and audit all their educational and government site backlinks.

After you are done auditing the educational and government site backlinks, see if you can create any informative and relevant content for these educational institutions or government websites that lead them to give links to your site.


2. Conduct Your Own Research and Studies

Engage in creating original research and studies that might help educational and government websites, resulting in providing you backlinks in exchange for your original content.

Educational institutes are constantly on the hunt for reputable and trustworthy sources that may back up their analysis and information. Not only do you create relevant and high-quality content, but also it must be valuable for the students, staff, alumni, and the university.

On the other hand, a similar process should be applied to government sites as well. Produce original content that may benefit the local people to make their lives easier.

Stick to preparing detailed data and analysis that will help establish your website as an authority in your niche or industry. Hence, you can gain backlinks from government and educational institutions if they find your content relevant to their goals and needs.

Imagine you are a traveler and write blogs on the local sightseeing, accommodation, etc., for different cities. Now, you have created a detailed blog on low-budget accommodation in the city of Massachusetts, USA, where any tenant, be it a student, traveler, or working personnel, can stay comfortably month after month.

It opens up a great opportunity to get backlinks from educational institutes. Confused? Don’t worry! Read the following explanation.

Educational institutes take every possible step to provide their students with the best education and accommodation services.

Now, every student doesn’t want to stay in the dormitory or hostel. Some of them may look for rooms near their university at cheap prices with the best services. So, all you have to do is reach educational institutions that accept international students.

This might make them mention your article on their university’s “student accommodation page”, and you will get a quality .edu backlink.

Similarly, if you can prepare a magnificent blog about how a foreign traveler can easily roam around a city (take it as Paris), the chances of France’s tourism government sites linking to your article increase.¬†

Your detailed analysis of the public transportation routes, cheap hotels, restaurants, tourist places, etc., will encourage the government tourism sites to link to your article page as you are helping the tourists with a clear path to visit the city of Paris.


3. Offering Industrial Training or Organizing Events For Students

Suppose you run a car battery-making startup. So, it is a golden opportunity for you to offer industrial training to the students from your local area who are into mechanics. 

Besides, you can even organize an event for college students, especially for electrical and mechanical engineering students. This way, educational institutions such as colleges from your local area will show interest in collaboration with your brand, and they will mention your brand name and give your website address on their platform, leading to acquiring a high-quality .edu or .ac domain backlink.

You will benefit in both ways: you would get many students who are later interested in working for your company, and on the other side, you would build a good relationship with the universities as well as get backlinks from those institutions.


4. Participating in Career or Job Fairs 

Like organizing events for students, you can participate in career fairs in your local city. It brings up an easy option to build .edu and .gov domain backlinks.

In addition, when you get to know that some of the colleges or universities are organizing a job fair in your city, contact those fellow universities or colleges to partake and make them understand why your brand could be a good option to enlist. As a result, the educational institutions will acknowledge your brand and mention your name and contact information on their platform, leading to earning a quality .edu backlink as well.


5. Commenting on Blogs of Educational Websites

There are many options available to get .edu and .gov backlinks. Blog commenting is undoubtedly one of them. Many college and university sites permit users to comment on their blog pages. 

Post valuable remarks on the sites with your website link on the author profile. As almost all educational institutions don’t allow posting hyperlinks in the comment section, put your website link on the author’s profile.

The easiest way to find blogs on educational institutes is to use the advanced search operator from Google –

inurl:edu “blog”

You can put your keyword after the blog word within the inverted comma if you want something specific to find in Google from an educational institution. For example, if you want to find machine learning blogs from colleges or universities, use the following URL.

inurl:edu “blog” machine learning


6. Offering Scholarship for Backlinks

We know offering scholarships is going to cost money for any business owner. So, if you have enough money to spend a portion of it for the purpose of helping financially unstable or poor students, you can set up a charitable program. This program can be for those meritorious students who are in real need of money to continue their studies.

Many colleges and universities accept scholarships to aid their students in paying the tuition or hostel fees. So, collaborate with them, and they will mention your web address on their site with how to avail of your scholarship, earning high-quality .edu backlinks.

Do not make any fake promises to help financially weak students just for the sake of building backlinks. If you have the budget, approach universities or colleges with this method. Otherwise, follow the preceding strategies we mentioned to acquire .edu and .gov backlinks.

We hope this detailed blog on how to get backlinks from edu and gov sites will help you with ideas to improve your website’s credibility and search engine rankings.

Remember, the primary aspect of collaborating with educational institutions and government sites is to provide value to their audience, such as students, professors, local residents, tourists, etc.

With constant efforts, your website will get more authoritative backlinks from these reputable sources and increase organic traffic.

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