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Increasing Brand Awareness for Dec Wizard

Social Media Casestudy

Background of Client’s Business

Dec Wizard is an Indian eCommerce business that provides a variety of decoration items that include home decorations, linens, accents, candle decor, tableware, and gift items. Their goal is to provide its consumers with the items sourced and mapped with the latest designs and quality standards. They ensure the utmost satisfaction for their consumers and achieve quantum business growth year on year.


The brand owns an eCommerce website with a lot of product listings. Their goal was to improvise social media platforms to build a solid online presence and connect to the relevant audiences. They also instructed us to make use of various campaigns to drive conversions.

Challenges We Face

Here are the challenges we faced during the implementation of the social media process.

  • Increasing the engagement time of the consumers
  • Generating brand awareness as it was a new brand when the campaign started
  • The price range of products was medium to high. It made it difficult to sell these products.
  • Overcoming the market saturation.
  • Building brand recognition and increasing consumer loyalty.
  • Converting potential leads to conversion and increasing consumer retention.
  • However, instead of all these challenges, some things made the marketing process easier for us. These things provided us an edge over competitors and made the marketing campaign slightly easier.

  • Most of the products listed were high-quality. It made it easier for consumers to choose from among the market saturation.
  • The products were made in India. It added to building trust in consumers.
  • It provided delivery services all over the country.
  • The already existing distribution channel enabled us to distribute products all over the country.

Our social media strategy

We begin our social media marketing campaign with the requirement analysis. Here we interviewed our client and the key business prospects to understand their expectations from the project. It was led by a series of questions.

The client initially had a vague idea of their project necessities. These questions helped us understand their requirements and deliver desired results. Some of the questions we asked during the interview were as follows:

  • What are your target audience attributes?
  • What are your top-selling products on the eCommerce website?
  • Who is your direct competition?
  • What are your goals for the social media marketing campaign?
  • Do they have any platform preferences, if yes, why?

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is essential to the social media marketing process. It enabled us to understand vital tactics their competitors are using to connect to their social media audience. The social media platforms they are using and the brand voice they improvise.

We also emphasized the kind of content they create. What are their content formats? What is their content marketing strategy? All these questions give rise to essential findings for the creation of a social media marketing strategy.

Identifying content gaps

Creating unique content is essential to stand out on social media platforms. It increases brand recognition and makes it stand out among its competitors. The competitive analysis enabled us to analyze the content already present on the internet and analyze the keyword gaps in the social media content.

We identified the ideas not being covered by any of the competitors and set to create unique content. Another thing we emphasized specifically was the target audience preferences and the brand voice. We framed a schedule to publish regular posts and stick to it.

Framing the social media marketing strategy

It is essential to document the social media marketing strategy before beginning to implement it. It works as navigation for the social media marketing campaign. It also facilitates easy execution by the social media marketing experts by providing a step-by-step procedure.

It aims at documenting the tools and tactics we analyzed during our previous processes. A marketing strategy provides insights into the upcoming project and simplifies the marketing process.


Once the social media marketing strategy is documented the implementation of the strategy becomes easier. We started our marketing campaign by analyzing the existing content and the brand voice on the client's social media handles. We analyzed audience analytics to understand consumer behavior and how they react to their content.

We identified the hindrances in the consumer experience and eradicated them to provide a better user experience. Our secondary goal was to create quality and unique content to increase their social media engagement and increase social brand recognition. High-quality content is essential to stand out from the competitors and achieve your business goals.

Our results

Facebook and Instagram were the two platforms we emphasized to connect with their social media audience. Here are the Instagram insights highlighting the growth in the number of followers.

Social Media Casestudy

Here is another insight showing the demographics of the new followers achieved on social media.

Social Media Casestudy

Let us look at their business growth on Facebook. It highlights the number of people we reached through the ads on Facebook. The second post highlights other user analytics, including the total number of posts, organic page impressions, engaged users, and the number of reactions.

Social Media Casestudy
Social Media Casestudy

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