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Increasing Engagement and Followers on Instagram for Rex Ocean

Social Media Casestudy

Rex Ocean is a manufacturer and supplier of supplements. Their goal is to generate health awareness. The focus is on all elements of human health including the physical, mental, nutrition, and sexual health of the human body.

Their team of nutritionists includes experts with over 15 years of experience. Most of the ingredients they use in the manufacturing process are natural and lab-approved. Whether you are looking to drop weight or gain muscles, they have the perfect plan of action ready for you.


The brand owns an eCommerce website with a lot of product listings. Their goal was to improvise social media platforms to build a solid online presence and connect to the relevant audiences. They also instructed us to make use of various campaigns to drive conversions.


The client's goals from the social media campaign were to create brand awareness and grow their Instagram engagement. Facebook and Instagram were the primary social media platforms involved in the marketing process. The scale we used to measure the success of the campaign was the number of followers on their Instagram handle.

Challenges We Faced During the Implementation Process

There was a lot of competition for this specific topic on social media platforms. It was essential to come up with a strong marketing strategy to stand out and grab consumer attention. Here are the key challenges we faced during the implementation process.

  • Determining the target audience attributes./li>
  • Understanding client requirements.
  • Creating a professional social media interface.
  • Determining their competition and establishing brand identity.
  • Finding unique marketing techniques to grab the target audience's attention.

Step by Step Implementation of the Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is essential for the implementation of the marketing strategy. It provides an itinerary for the executive team to ensure the step-by-step execution of the marketing campaign. Here is the process we improvised to ensure the successful implementation and achieve their marketing goals.

Requirement Analysis

Understanding the client requirement is essential for the formation of a marketing strategy. We interviewed the client and the key business prospects to have a deep understanding of their requirements for the project. Here are some of the questions we asked during the analysis process.

  • What are your target audience attributes?
  • Who is your direct competition?
  • What are your primary distribution channels?
  • What is the preferred content type of your target audience?

Analyzing their Content Inventory

Analyzing the existing content inventory is essential to determine where we stand. It enables businesses to create a content marketing strategy and understand where they lack in their content endeavors.

We scrapped the content already published on their social media platforms. The key elements we focused on were the images, captions, and the hashtags they used. It enabled us to identify the hindrances consumers may face and eradicate them to provide a better user experience.

Competitive analysis

Competitive analysis is the process of analyzing the competitor's content inventory. It enables social media marketers to understand the tactics businesses use to attract their target audience. It works like a window in the competitor's marketing strategy.

To begin we created a seed list of the potential competitors. The next step was to shortlist them based on their relevance to the client's website. At the end of this process, we had five direct competitors. We then began to analyze their marketing strategy. The key elements we focused on were the theming and the content they produced on the social media platforms.

It enabled us to locate the gaps in the content already published on the social media platforms for this specific niche.

Optimizing the social handles and start creating content

Content is the primary thing one needs to focus on social media platforms. The quality of content determines the success of a marketing strategy. The competitive analysis enabled us to determine the gaps in the content already present on social media.

Unique content is essential to grab consumer attention on social media platforms. Gap analysis enabled us to come up with unique content ideas and provide value to the visitors. Another thing to focus on specifically was the bio. It is the first thing a visitor sees on social networks. We worked on all aspects of a social media interface and provided a better user experience.

Tracking consumer activities and increasing conversion rates

Once the consumer visits the social handles it is up to the quality of the content to get him to follow the social media handle. There can be many reasons that a user visits a social media handle and bounces back.

We tracked live consumer activities to understand the hindrances consumers face during the interaction process. We then worked to eradicate them and provide better results for better conversion rates. User experience is the basis of SMO. It increases consumer engagement and helps businesses achieve their marketing goals.


Let us look at the Facebook page reach for the December-January period. Overall 10,944 people visited their Facebook page. Let us look at the depictions from the analytics.

Social Media Casestudy

This depiction shows the rise in the number of Facebook followers and the page likes.

Social Media Casestudy

The second social media platform we emphasized to connect to key business prospects was Instagram. Here is how their Instagram handle looked after the optimization process.

Social Media Casestudy

The other depictions show the Instagram insight overview and the audience reach analytics.

Social Media Casestudy
Social Media Casestudy

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