Dentists Never Miss These Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow

Are you a dentist! You may have just got your medical license for practicing dentistry or may have been doing it for a long time. But you’re not fulfilling your goals or even reaching nearby! What if we reveal a strategy that you are using every day but could not implement in your profession to attract more patients to your clinic? Confused, right?

Well, well… We live in the digital era of the 21st century, where social media has become an integral part of our lives. The only disadvantage is that you are using this powerful platform for connecting with friends to chit-chat and share photographs or short videos for amusement. Once, a wise man said  – It’s never too late to start something. Neither are you!

Over the years, a plethora of diversified industries are adopting various Social Media strategies to make their brand go viral. Dentistry is no exception too. So, getting to the point, we have shared the “Why, When, What, and How” Social Media Marketing can help dentists grow.

WHY - Social Media Marketing for Dentists Important?

Social media has a tremendously large user base in this present time, and it’s getting more popular day by day among youngsters. Now, people with genuine dental complications or those who are specifically looking for a perfect smile also spend most time of the day using social media. Because of this reason, it’s severely important to provide a genuine, and responsive dental practice to these users by reaching out in effective ways through social media. Of all the Social media platforms, Facebook is in the first position with a monthly active user base of nearly 3 billion people. Next comes the other ones. Take the following look (Statistics are mentioned on approximate users with only those platforms that may help you grow your dentistry patients) –

  • YouTube — 2.2 billion MAUs
  • Instagram — 2 billion MAUs
  • Snapchat — 557 million MAUs
  • Pinterest — 444 million MAUs
  • Twitter — 238 million MAUs

N.B. – Monthly Active Users, shortly written as MAUs.

WHEN - Should You Start Social Media Marketing to Increase Dentistry Patients?

There is no time as known as the ideal one. Whenever you start, it becomes your perfect time if you stick to a strategic plan based on your social media goals. In addition, your dental practice should be in an amiable, safe, and engaging way that builds trust with your patients, especially those who are a little bit tense. This is how you create a doctor-patient relationship and grow the patient retention rate.

WHAT - Social Media Platforms Can You Use to Maximize Your Dentistry Patients?

Still here? That means you are very serious about your growth! You may have come across specific statistical data mentioned in the “WHY” section, where we have disclosed the approximate number of users on different social media platforms. Basically, you can reach those dental patients effortlessly who have no idea about your clinic.

We, being an influential Social Media Marketing agency, want you to know one thing very precisely – You can bring quality leads to your dental business in two ways: One is organic and another is Paid. We’ll provide a detailed explanation in the “HOW” section.

Facebook – It is the number one social media network with a nearly 3 billion active user base monthly. So, utilizing Facebook to target your local patients will not go in vain. Facebook content can be posted in an image (single/carousel) or video form.

YouTube – YouTube has approximately 2.2 billion monthly active user bases worldwide. People love to watch videos, and creating videos on why should your patient choose your dental service, and informational videos on what procedures should someone follow to keep their teeth shining like a diamond would create a great engagement with your users.

Instagram – Even though it’s in the third rank by user base, which is roughly 2 billion monthly active users, it is the most popular social media network to target dental patients. Content here is posted in a photo (mostly carousel) form. And, who can forget the viral short video format, known as reel? Simply an incredible and influential way to engage with your audiences!

Snapchat – From teenagers to late thirties, people enjoy using this social network. It has a relatively 557 million active user base. Content is posted here in an image and video format, known as snaps. From a dental business perspective, you can run ads as well.

Pinterest – Pinterest is also a great medium to showcase your dentistry services to your audiences. It has a nearly 444 million monthly active user base worldwide. Using an infographic image is the best one for Pinterest as the format suits it ideally. Also, short videos can be posted as well as you can link up your blogs as Idea Pin to bring them to your website offering dental services.

Twitter – Twitter is a widely used social channel where people, mostly professionals are active with a user base of roughly 238 million monthly. You can post content in a message format with photos on Twitter. Videos can too be posted to attract people seeking a dentist.

HOW - Social Media Platform Helps Make Your Dentistry Business Flourish

Organic Content – In this approach, you being a dentist, can easily share your marketing posts without paying any cent. You will get a vast majority of tools to attract potential patients. But pulling your patients from this method needs months of continuous effort. 

Paid Content – On the other side, paid content can give quick results. But you need a good grasp to fine-tune strategies in this approach to target your specific users. Paid content provides leads faster than organic content but with a cost. Different social platforms have different pricing plans. Majorly, all the above-mentioned social networks (from the WHAT SECTION) offer paid ad options to reach the targeted user base in a quicker way.

It’s a quite simple fact that being a dentist, handling social media platforms with the right and effective strategies is hard for you. But why worry when you have SEO Discovery with you? We have a large Social Media Marketing team dedicated only to increasing your dental patients.

Let’s go to a more explanation for better understanding – 

Expanding the reach with numerous social media posts from different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter. It’s far better than using traditional methods like distributing pamphlets, and newspaper ads in the era of digitization.

By communicating directly with patients, and sharing educational and relevant content related to dentistry, you can create brand awareness which works just like word of mouth. People will visit your clinic more often, generating more income.

Suppose you have a clinic in New York, and people from other parts of the United States are watching your Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Twitter Ads, you will gain nothing in simple terms. Almost no one is gonna turn up to your clinic from a far distance unless you are someone like a celebrity dentist. So, let’s get to reality. Here, you will have to make social media ads and show them to your local region only. 

Better hire a specialist Social Media Agency that will make all your challenges their own and handle them in such a way that makes you a millionaire overnight! Just pulling your leg! Don’t be unrealistic. But let us assure you that sharing tactical and informative content – be it a carousel image post, a video, or a location-specific ad offering your services can attract people to take your dental services. Hence, the revenue gets higher at a fast rate.

So what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and have a look at our Social Media Marketing packages. Don’t be someone who is always in doubt! Doubting is good, but upto some extent. To be honest, we understand your inner feelings! Let us tell you something that makes you delightful! Contacting us is not gonna cost you something.

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