Reasons Why you need SEO for your Business Website

SEO for business

Everyone business owner needs to market their products or services to generate more revenue and profits. You just can’t lay back and wait for miracles to happen. Getting your business high on the revenue track, you need to get started with the SEO.

Majority of users are available online only as our world is shrinking on the tablet, laptop, or mobile phone and screen.

The best way to be found on the internet is to be on the first page of popular search engines like Google, Bind, Yahoo Search, etc and that’s what SEO helps with.

With a huge list of competitors, you definitely need to make some efforts for getting ahead the race.

Well, there are only two smart ways to be to on the first page of any search engine. First is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the second is Paid promotions (PPC). With these Marketing techniques, you can easily get your business rank higher in the Search Engines.

How can SEO help your Business Grow?

The internet has become a boon for small and medium-sized businesses. Since now, they have a better opportunity to be seen and attract more audiences. This is one of the main reasons why more and more businesses are taking SEO very seriously. SEO can definitely generate more traffic, and once the visitor finds your services valuable enough, they get converted into potential customers.

Let’s find out the Top 5 Reasons why you need SEO for your Business Website: –

  • Increase PPC Quality Score with better SEO Strategy

It is crucial to have a good PPC Quality score as it directly drives from the content on your website. SEO Strategy includes making pages on your site with various keywords related to your product and service. Aligning text and advertisement messages with the content of your website. Also, Diverting the traffic to the relevant product or service page on your website. Improving the quality score of your website can marginally reduce your cost per click for paid campaigns and enhance the performance of your PPC advertisements.

  • Expansion of Market Access

More than 70% of total searches tend to click on the first page of the search engine result page. Hence, having the presence of your website on the first page is crucial. Otherwise, you will be missing out on the big chunk of traffic to your site. You must invest in your SEO strategy to get the best result from this unique marketing method of search engine results.

  • SEO Boosts the Effectiveness of Marketing Efforts

    With a better position on the search engine result page, the effectiveness of other marketing activities like PPC campaign increases. By having good SEO ranking and pay per click campaign together, traffic can increase by 50%. Brand awareness can increase with retargeting and SEO combined. If you have well-performing keywords from your SEO Campaign, you can use them to see if your PPC campaign performance improves.

  • SEO can Increase Offline Footfall

More than 50% of mobile searches are conducted for local businesses to find their timings, location, and services. You must keep your local listing up-to-date. You must remain consistent in listing the business information such as opening and closing time, hours of Operations, Phone Numbers, Services, etc. All these pieces of information increase the chance for a local user to visit your business and become your client.

  • SEO Can help to Stand out in Competition

There are about ten organic listings, three map listing, and six paid positions on any first page of Search engine Result Page. If you plan your strategy to have one organic listing, one map listing, and one paid position, you are increasing the chances of getting the traffic on your website. At the same time, you are decreasing the probability of searcher to click on your competitor’s website. When you occupy the maximum space on the first page with your multiple listings through the map, PPC, and SEO, the likelihood enhances for getting more traffic on your website.

  • Better Search Engine Ranking

There is no purpose of having a website if it is not being seen by your audience. You need to make sure that you are reaching out to your target audience appropriately, and fortunately, SEO can help you achieve that. If you are a small-scale business SEO becomes even more imperative.

  • Increased Conversion Rate

With proper SEO, you will be able to drive in more traffic to your page. The visitors on your web page will be through organic search and will be genuine. They are the potential customers who are searching for your company or your services on the internet. Once they find you out on the top five list of SERP, they will trust you better. This, in return, increases the chances of the visitors getting converted into loyal customers who would prefer you instead of anyone else to do business with.

  • Enhanced Brand Image

This is another reason why you should think about investing your money on SEO. You want your brand image to remain positive on the internet, and that is only possible when it receives the visibility it deserves. When your business website starts ranking in the top search results of Google, your brand visibility automatically gets enhanced. This way, you will have a better-enhanced image in the market, and your target audience will trust you over anyone else. You need to rank with the use of multiple keywords.

  • Engage with your Customer

With the use of proper SEO, you will notice that you can connect with your customers in a better way. Through SEO, your blogs get optimized, that means, more and more people will be reading the valuable information that you have to share on your website. The main motive of all this is to boost your relationship with your potential customers which in turn will help your business. Take your customers’ feedback seriously and show them that you are implementing them properly. Your website needs to engage with your customers to further boost your revenue.

Here are some points which will make you go for SEO of your website if you haven’t already:

–  75% of searches have been performed on Google as compared to any other search engine, Which means people trust Google, and because of updated algorithms. Google shows the most relevant search results for any keyword. In order to improve your traffic, you need to be on Google. And that too on the first page, top position because users tend to click on the topmost website and then the second one. Clicks decrease with the position. Even if you are on the second page, you will not get clicks. You have to be on the top and for this, you need to follow the best SEO Strategy according to your website.

– SEO effects are long-lasting. Unlike PPC, the results will not vanish if you stop the SEO of your website. As long as the backlinks are being crawled, your website will be doing good. This is for the White Hat SEO, if you’re following black hat techniques, your website can be penalized after an algorithm update.

– Cheaper than Adwords. SEO is definitely more affordable than PPC. You need to spend a fixed amount of budget and with an effective SEO strategy , you will see the growth. IF you’re looking for a paid line like guest post , that would be considered extra. Otherwise, without the guest post, you can get your website on top if the website’s content is good and on-page has been accurately done.


A great SEO strategy is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy, and one should plan it in such a way that it gives the maximum result with not online increasing the marketing spends but preparing it accurately. Getting visibility in high competition of online marketing is an art, and knowing the right medium to do so effectively is a science.

Well, SEO is something that can take your business to heights of extreme success. But make sure to have a team of skilled professionals for handling your SEO project. Get your business high on the success ladder with smart SEO techniques.

A Complete Guide on Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web design

The design industry is one of the largest industries of the times and it has set the trends in the market. In today times, responsive web design sets up the latest trend in the design industry. 

Responsive Web Design

Today, mobile and laptops are the need of the time and every website should be designed in such a manner that it can be accessed easily from all the devices whether it is a computer, laptops, mobile, tablet, smartphones or any size of the screen. With responsive web designs, any sized device can access the web site with the same look and feel. Simply, the display of a single website on different varieties of devices. 

According to Stanford University, responsive web design can be defined as a website that responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate output for it uses responsive design.

Responsive web designs have specific back-end coding and technology that visually adjust the designs and layout of the website on the different screen devices. Though it uses the same HTML coding, only small changes to the site’s CSS changes the layout of the website and preview of the content on different devices. 

A responsive website uses the same content on the different devices but the view, order, and size of the content can be rearranged to get display on the different screens. It first downloads the entire web page, and then resize the content and page according to screen or device. The process of optimizing the web page can only be done by the server to view the web page through the screen even of mobiles, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Steps to create responsive web design- Basically, three steps you should follow to create a responsive web design

  • Media queries related to CSS display style should be specified.
  • The percentage of CSS style will be used rather than absolute data.
  • The display of images will also be used in percentages rather than absolute values and data. 

Need for responsive web design- It is necessary because sometimes websites are not designed for all devices and it will create problem to the user experience. It is a matter of the fact that Google gives priority to the responsive website and they are preferred on the search engine result page(SERP).

Since 2000, mobile traffic is rapidly increasing and the design industry is looking for the best way to increase mobile-friendly experience to every user and this can considerably increase responsive web design experience.

With the considerable increase in technology, the responsive website will lead to complexity to the website. There are plenty of benefits of responsive websites but it also owns some challenges. 

Pros of Responsive Website Design:

Responsive web designs offer a contemporary experience.

Today’s web standards are tons different from what they were in 1994. within the past, if a site looked cool, then you were good to travel. Today is far different. Not only can a site look dated with older “cool” designs, but they’ll even be difficult to navigate from a mobile perspective. The updated design improves this experience.

Responsiveness is far easier to plug:

You don’t need to worry about creating different sets of selling materials with responsive web design. Mobile users don’t need mobile links. you’ll just send everyone to whatever landing page you would like and therefore the responsiveness of the web site will optimize the experience for each visitor.

Uniform structure:

With responsive web design, you’ll expect to possess a consistent structure for your site regardless of which device is getting used to looking at it. this suggests that you simply don’t need to reprogram your website in the least, so you furthermore may save quite a little bit of money

High conversion rate

Having a responsive web design can definitely assist you to quickly convert your website visitors to customers and clients. Owning a responsive website easily and smartly attracts potential customers that in-turn proves out to be your clients.

Increased traffic

When your website is during a position to display properly on all types of devices and browsers, it can gradually boost the traffic to your website. Responsiveness can help brands get a competitive boost. Some estimates place the amount of internet sites with an efficient responsive design at just 2%. meaning your brand has the chance immediately to make a positive point of separation from the remainder of the competition. If your website is responsive and your competitors isn’t, then you’ve got the simplest possible opportunity to expand your traffic.

Lower bounce rate

A responsive and optimized mobile site provides great user experience to the visitors. In such cases, visitors are more likely to remain to your website for an extended period of some time. This way, the bounce rate of your website will gradually decrease.

Responsive design helps in social sharing

Social sharing allows mobile users to share your content with their networks more often when a design is responsive. Just a few touches are all it takes to place your new content onto Facebook, Twitter, or another preferred platform. The responsiveness also allows shared content from networks to be more readily viewed by those that aren’t conversant in a site’s branding.

User-Friendly Experience:

The responsive web pages provide user-friendly experience as it can adaptive to all the different devices such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, PC, iPhones as well as android devices. These web sites offer better mobile experiences rather than traditional experience with clearer and better look and appearances.

No Need to Zoom on Mobile Devices:

As the content and images are so adjusted on the mobile devices that there is no need for the user that they zoom to view the content on the different mobile devices. The mobile user experiences optimized website and they spend much time on the website and considerably decreases the bounce rate of the web site and this can be done only with the help of the responsive websites.

SEO Friendly:

There are many SEO hacks to rank well in the Google SERP and responsive web design is one of them.

It gives benefits to the website merchants from the SEO point by using a single URL for all of the websites and provide a consistent experience across devices. The search engine doesn’t need to crawl the mobile and static websites. With the responsive designs, you only need to do link building for the same and one domain. In short, responsive websites help them to successfully drive mobile devices.

It allows you to collect all the social links through a single URL address and thus it makes easier for the user to interact with the websites and thus it increases user-friendly experience by positively contributing towards websites. These are SEO friendly web pages and Google will prefer these web pages as the Google bots need not crawl different websites but they can crawl single URL address for different devices.

Cost-Effective Web Sites: 

With responsive websites, there is no need for mobile websites. Thus the development cost of separate mobile web sites gets reduced as there is no need to reprogram the website from scratch. Thus it turns to save the cost of developing websites with the advancement and development of responsive websites.

Stylish and Updated:

The responsive web sites are updated as well as modern fit with today’s trends and standards. The web sites for the desktop are quite difficult to manage for mobile devices. The responsive web sites work as a standard website and there is only a need to update the standards of the website, content updates need not be done for the mobile devices.

Only One Update Required:

By operating a separate mobile app it is important to update it separately if it receives an update from the main site. If you fail to do the dual update, then you end up with a separate mobile app from the main site. That saves you a lot of time and can avoid a variety of headaches from coding. 

Navigation of Website:

With the advancement of technology, companies run email marketing campaign and with this users read their mails which assist them to navigate their website even at a later time which increases the enjoyable experience for the user.

Easier Analysis:

The major goal of the marketer is to judge the analysis of the clients and provide them with the best experience to mobile users. It is very easy for the marketer to judge the analytics or analysis of the website that is the traffic and productivity of the website through responsive website designs.

Automatic Work:

The web site design allows to automatic resize of the text, images and other screen elements which make it a lot for the site to perform for the different devices. 

Cons of Responsive Website Design:

Important features overlooked:

Most websites have their content arranged vertically to suit into screens that are small, the bad part is that sometimes users can overlook certain important features by scrolling.

Difficulties in accessing:

Sometimes certain websites got to be scaled down and this might make sure pages very difficult to access and this may cause people to maneuver to other websites.

Seal Down of Some Components:

The major problem that is handled for the desktop and mobile users with responsive web designs is the navigation of some components on mobile devices. Responsive templates and designs sometimes cause some of the websites to scale down and may cause some pages of the web site to become inaccessible to mobile users. It may have been difficult to read but have no issue to read it all.

It can take Longer to Load the Responsive Website:

The loading time for the responsive web sites is typically greater as there are lots of images and content on the mobile devices and there is a need to rescale the content of the mobile devices. But this rescaling of mobile content causes a noticeable lag of 2 to 5 seconds on mobile devices. The loading speed of the website depends on the CSS/HTML file of the web page and thus the responsive web sites take longer to load as well as the development time of the responsive web site takes longer to deploy and maintain.

Some user cannot Access Some of the Sites:

There is a need for internet access with responsive operating systems as well as fairly current browsers. If some users are using old versions of the operating system as well as internet explorer, then they won’t probably be able to access the responsive web site. that’s a major problem for internet users.

Poor Data Adaptation to Mobile Devices:

Content stacking is difficult to consume content for mobile users as there is a major problem in transition desktop content to the mobile content. Choose to test the content before publishing the content to all the users.

The Problem Regarding Traffic for the Website:

The problem of the webserver to load properly going to increase day by day and responsive websites become completely inaccessible until the issue causing the outage is fixed.

Layout Influences:

Designers of the responsive web sites require time to design the wireframe and design prototypes separately for the mobile and desktop layouts. Only after these two designs get improved.

Some Context:

As responsive web designs require more complex coding, therefore it tends to costs more. All of the content of the web sites is downloaded whether it is used or not, that means it will download the full-size slideshow to the android devices which decrease the loading speed of the web page and increase the cost of the responsive sites.

The pros and cons of responsive web design show that this is often a chance to plan for the longer term of internet use. there’ll always be growing pains involved when new technologies and innovations hit the market. By planning for this process today, your website is going to be able to choose tomorrow’s visitors.

If you are thinking about designing a new website or upgrading the old one, then it makes sense to hire a professional web designer. There are many benefits to hiring a professional.

Designing a new site or upgrading an old website calls for a great deal of effort and hard work. A professional designer, analyze the requirements of a client, plans for it, invest his time on research, and likewise do the needful.

Here’s How a Professional Web Designer helps:

Prepare an Online Strategy

The biggest strength of a professional web designer is the ability to plan for an online strategy. The ultimate agenda of a web designer is to focus on your business and thereby create something which will be the perfect display of your business along with displaying the core objective of the company. A professional web designer work with people who are coders, SEO specialist, and copywriters and together they create the perfect website for you.

Building a Responsive Web Design

Would you want your website to fit into only a computer screen? Don’t you think your user also like to search for your company and its services on other devices as well, for example, a mobile phone and a tab? If your website is not responsive, then you must be incurring a lot of loss, and this is something you need to work on right away. Mobile search traffic has grown up tremendously and leaving these people behind will be the wrong decision. But, not to worry, you don’t need to create a different version for your website. Professional web design agency can make your current site responsive to fit across all the different devices that your user might use to search for you.

Delivering a High-Quality Website

There is no use of a professional web designer if he or she can’t provide high-quality website design. There are many free templates available online, but without proper assistance, it will be hard for you to work on them. Your website will require headers, codes, plugins, and images. Keeping in mind all of these things, a professional web designer works accordingly. Only a professional web designer knows how to create a dynamic and attractive user experience through your site. Modern-day websites are nothing like the one you used to see three years ago.

SEO Expertise

Since you want to create a fantastic website, you wou’ld also wish to attract more and more traffic to your site as well. Whenever you search for a product or a service, you must have noticed a few websites to always appear on the first page. Searchers usually don’t go beyond the first page of search engines, and this is why businesses suffer. Search engine optimization is a solution to this problem. Once your website is SEO optimized, you start receiving traffic, and it also starts ranking on SERP as well. This is what web designers are focused on. They don’t just create websites; they optimize it so that you get to earn more profit.

Now you know why you should hire a professional web designer. Of course, you will have to pay to them for their service, but the results are astounding, and that should be the only concern.

There’s no denial of the actual fact that a responsive web design can work wonders for your business. Responsive website design simply means designing websites during how that they’re going to adapt to multiple device sizes easily. A user-friendly platform is one of the foremost important things expected by clients. So, ensure to make your website highly responsive and user-friendly so on getting benefited within absolutely the best way.

What Is a Pillar Page? And Why You Need to Add it In SEO Strategy

What is a Pillar Page?

Pillar page is something that permits you to organise your blog content also as website architecture consistent with the changing ways of how individuals are checking out information.

Pillar pages act as unique site pages also as comprehensive guides to a specific topic that you simply try to rank for on the actual program.

If you’re having 10 different blog posts about digital marketing on your blog, a pillar page will enable you to arrange those blog posts and help in creating a summary guide to all or any the aspects of digital marketing that your blog is covering. this may end in linking back all the precise blog posts to the pillar page and supply readers direct and clear route for locating out everything they have to understand and study digital marketing.

Structure of a Pillar Page

A pillar page is claimed to be a comprehensive resource that covers a specific topic and it’s detailed thorough. This page applies best and consistent on-page SEO best practices, referencing that specific topic within the page title which too along side the URL, and H1 tag. Well, the simplest spot to put your pillar page is on the highest level of your website during a space that’s already getting quite a lot of organic traffic.

As far because the quality of content on your pillar page cares, it should be ready to convert your visitors to leads, or results in customers, since this canonical piece of data is what you’re pushing visitors to. Your pillar page will automatically gain authority when it’s variety of quality inbound links coming from your subtopic content. to form sure that everything on your pillar page is often easily crawled by SEO engines and quickly discovered by potential customers, your pillar page should be visible to all or any and not have any piece of content locked behind any form or a password.

Pillar pages can work great for your visitors since they’re ready to cover various aspects of a selected topic all on one page. Your visitors can find various links on this page and find more in-depth articles that expand upon the subject.

These pillar pages also can be considered because of the table of contents, also as, the cluster content. They broadly cover a specific topic, and cluster content addresses a selected keyword that’s associated with that topic. as an example, you would possibly create a pillar page about digital marketing – a broad topic – and a bit of cluster content about social media marketing – which may be a more specific keyword within the subject.

Pillar pages are generally quite longer than blog
posts because they cover all aspects of the topics that you simply try to rank
for, but they’re not as in-depth. and that is precisely what cluster content is
really for. you would like to make a pillar page which will answer questions on
a specific topic but should even have room for more details within the sort of
subsequent, related cluster content.

Why should you create Pillar Pages on your

Well, there is no denial to the very fact that the way people are checking out information on the web has completely changed over the years. Internet users today have short attention spans and that they wish to have all the knowledge sorted out on one page. Pillar pages are a neighbourhood of the subject cluster model which will fine-tune your content strategy in order that you’ll easily adapt to the present change and also rank higher on the search engines.

Currently, the search queries by internet users are getting quite long and conversational. All because of the voice search devices and applications like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Around 64% of the searches comprise of 4 or more words, and 20% of Google searches are now being conducted via voice. So internet users directly ask the device to look for a specific thing rather than typing their query into the search bar.

Google’s search algorithm is extremely efficient and has done a far better job at providing users with the precise information they’re trying to find through plenty of data and content links out there, because of advances in machine learning and semantic search.

And thanks to the changing behaviour of internet users, it’ has become important for bloggers and website owners to arrange their blogs consistent with topic clusters, where each topic is anchored by a comprehensive and detailed pillar page that links and connects the visitor to more in-depth blog posts about more specific aspects of that topic.

Pillar pages form the inspiration for your content marketing strategy. their comprehensive, detailed and authoritative pages supported a particular topic. they will even be considered because of the start-to-finish or A-to-Z guides or resources.

While a blog post generally zooms in on one particular question or deals with one aspect of a subject, a pillar page aims to be all-encompassing. The goal of the pillar page is to answer all questions that are associated with a specific topic and explain all aspects of the subject completely.

When your pillar page includes links to the blog posts on your website, your pillar page will start ranking the program for the actual topic your blogs are that specialize in. it’ll help other blog posts to rank on the program also. rather than writing a blog post after blog post that specializes in keyword variants of an equivalent topic, you’ll have a really organized site infrastructure made from one pillar page that links to all or any the precise, in-depth blog posts about the topics.

By building a pillar page on your website your blog content are going to be more organized for the reader and permit him/her to leap from post to post and learn more a few topics they’re curious about. during this way, the blog URLs wouldn’t compete with one another for an equivalent long-tail keyword, because there will all be ranking for an equivalent broader topic.

Reasons why pillar pages play an important role in SEO?

1. People are checking out longer queries

We are seeing a growing number of longer-form queries. People are more specific in their searches. There are many contents out there. People want to filter all those irrelevant content and only search for the precise one. in order that they narrow their search queries to urge those results. Increase in voice search could even be a reason for the rise in conversational queries. People are using voice assistants like Siri and Google assistant for his or her searches. this may be more within the future as Amazon echo and google house is gaining its popularity. it’s predicted that fifty of all searches are going to be voice searches by the year 2020.

2. Search engines aim at providing exactly what
users are trying to find

Search engine algorithm has changed. If people are checking out conversational queries, we should always be ready to rank for those exact queries. Search engines aim at providing more accurate information for the users. this will be achieved by organizing your content. For the precise topic with the pillar page, the blogs associated with that topic with long-tail keywords should be hyperlinked. By doing this, we will see better results and rank for conversational queries.

3. Can reach more number of audience

By ranking for conversational queries, you’ll have an opportunity of reaching more number of audience. Studies say that 64% of searches are four words or more. By following these content strategies, you rank for both keywords and conversational queries. With less competition for these long-tail keywords, you’ll reach more number of audience. a far better thanks to connecting with people.

4. Gain more Internal links

Internal links are a crucial ranking factor for SEO. Internal links connect your content and provide Google thought of the structure of your website. They will create a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to offer the foremost important pages and posts more link value. Here pillar page topic and cluster topics are interlinked which helps Google ranking and your audience also. So Internal linking strategy can boost your SEO. Now you recognize the importance of the pillar page and why it’s considered because of the most vital a part of SEO. So rethink on your SEO strategy if you’re just that specialize in keywords and not the topics that the audience are trying to find.

Well, the bottom line is that the benefits of developing and utilizing pillar pages are immense.  From increasing rankings to improving user experience, pillar pages prove out to be quite helpful. They help in organizing the overall website and centralizing your content.

Furthermore, providing comprehensive coverage on topics also assist you to get seen as an ideal leader and expert. All of this makes it easier for search engines and users to access your site also as know what your pages are all about, especially with the changes in how people search. like anything SEO-related, this takes tons of your time and energy but is well worth it!

SEO Discovery Featured as a Top Agency in India on Clutch!


At SEO Discovery, we leverage our more than ten years of experience to provide top digital marketing services to our clients around the globe. We pride ourselves on being one of the best SEO companies in India, committed to providing proven SEO results to our clients to bring their business forward in a cut-throat market. Our hard work has paid off, as Clutch, a ratings and review platform out of Washington, D.C., just named us as the number one SEO Services Company in India in their annual research! Clutch’s research is based on an in-depth evaluation of work portfolios and client feedback; the annual report highlighted 244 development companies and agencies as strong performing leaders in India.

Continue reading “SEO Discovery Featured as a Top Agency in India on Clutch!”

ICYMI: Clutch Declares SEO Discovery as an Agency Offering Top SEO Services in India

Top SEO Services in India

In case you missed it, just a few days back, Clutch declared SEO Discovery as an Agency with Top SEO Services in India for the year 2017.

Not only it calls for a celebration; it calls for a detailed explanation too. We know how questions like – “What is Clutch?”, “How is this a reliable survey?”, “How is this going to help me choosing the right agency for top SEO services in India or overseas?” – are hovering over your mind.

And, no! Clutch is not a website that takes money in return of featuring you at the top. They conduct researches through sponsors instead.

Down here, after a deep analysis of their business model and execution of the process, we are going to explain exactly how Clutch did the research and everything else you need to know in detail. Keep reading!

Let’s Meet Clutch!

Well, certainly it’s not a random website creating lists out of money. They are a B2B (business to business) research, ratings and reviews site that defines leading IT and marketing service providers and software.

What Does Clutch Say About SEO Discovery?


Feedback Summary

“SEO Discovery’s expertise is evident in the fact that several of their campaigns have achieved page 1 rankings. The team communicates clearly despite the language barrier, often responding within 24 hours. Affordable pricing and timely delivery make SEO Discovery a valuable partner.”

Project Summary

“For several years, subcontracted resources from SEO Discovery have assisted in digital marketing campaigns that target the medical industry. The team focuses on generating backlinks and providing SEO input.”

The company is Top Ranked among the market leaders.

On Doing Research of SEO Discovery Clients Clutch Found Out


  • Scheduling – On Time / Deadlines – 
  • Cost – Value/ Within Estimates – 
  • Quality – Service & Deliverables – 
  • NPS – Willing to Refer – 


How Clutch Conducts the Research, Ratings and Reviews?


After a deep analysis of their website, we have found out that Clutch is into evaluating companies based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Client Reviews
  • Company Experience
  • Client List
  • Industry Recognition
  • Market Presence


Why They Do it?


It has always been a raging cacophony regarding which company should one go for. A client who comes to SEO Discovery has certainly one of a kind of experience and Clutch agrees.

Basically, Clutch makes it easy for you to decide on a company without doing research on all of the above factors. While it was difficult to search for the best among so many companies telling lies regarding their fake services, at Clutch, once can easily find the best in every possible niche.

More than 100,000 buyers and clients trust and visit Clutch every month to find out the best business services, software, or consultants.

Trust SEO Discovery for Best SEO Services in India and Overseas


We suppose Clutch, through their tools, has figured out how SEO Discovery’s priority lies in client satisfaction.

One of the agencies offering Top SEO Services in India, SEO Discovery is now bigger and successful as ever.

With digital marketing services ranging from Custom SEO Services, Local SEO Services, SEO by Industry and Google Penalty Recovery, the company also focuses on PPC Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Reputation Management and more.

Not the First Time SEO Discovery Has Been Recognized and Awarded


Well, SEO Discovery takes pride in being among the companies who draw the attention of the leader reviewers through their reliable, speedy and trustworthy services.

Offering guaranteed #1 page ranking on Google, the company has come a long way with many awards under their belt:

  • Rising Star by Upwork,
  • Best SEO Reseller by
  • Top Ranked for the Best SEO company by,
  • Ranked #2 worldwide by


And now SEO Discovery is Top Ranked Agency for Top SEO Services in India by Clutch too – another feather added to their cap.

Until next time!