Top Best App Store Optimization Companies

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Suppose you have worked hard to create an app that you’re proud of, but users can’t see the app on the top few spots of app stores. What do you think will happen? Simply, your app will be buried under other apps with similar niches to yours, and they will gain the most visitors and organic downloads. To tackle this challenge and make your app visible on the top places of the app stores, app store optimization is required.

ASO assists in improving an app’s discoverability and overall visibility on platforms like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc. However, ASO is a very complicated thing to implement. Only with the right knowledge of strategies and expertise, someone can improve the visibility of an app.

But worry not! We have researched hundreds of companies around the world that offer app store optimization and selected the Top 10 Best App Store Optimization Companies in terms of the quality of services offered, experience, skills to implement the strategies, and time-efficient results.

This detailed blog will help you guide the benefits of app store optimization as well as how the top ASO companies help your app outshine competitors and increase its downloads.

A List of The Top 10 Best App Store Optimization Companies

  1. SEO Discovery 
  2. yellowHEAD 
  3. Moburst 
  4. Phiture  
  5. Gummicube 
  6. App Radar 
  7. ConsultMyApp
  8. Yodel Mobile
  9. App Guardians 
  10. The ASO Project 

Services Offered -SEO, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing, App Store Optimization, Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing, Web Design Services, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

SEO Discovery has a specialized team dedicated to app store optimization. They can enhance the conversion rate of your apps, improve rankings, and generate more organic downloads across the app stores.

Their experts perform a comprehensive keyword analysis to identify the keywords that people generally use to search for mobile apps similar to yours. This includes the analysis of search volume, competition, and relevance to optimize the visibility of your application. At the same time, their professionals come up with a catchy and keyword-focussed app title and description that beautifully represents your app’s features.

Their design team specializes in designing captivating app icons and screenshots to emphasize the core functionality and user experience of your app. This helps to capture the attention of users and conveys the app’s core value.

This doesn’t just stop here. In order to expand your reach to a global audience, their ASO professionals enable the listing of your application in various languages and geographical areas. This includes the translation of the app’s title, description, keywords, and graphical elements to ensure maximum visibility in the two most used app stores (Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for IOS operating systems) in specific countries. Overall, their transparent process, clear reporting, cost-effective pricing, customer service, and impressive technical skills in ASO makes them the world’s best app store optimization company.


Services Offered – User Generated Content, User Acquisition, Influencer Marketing, SEO, ASO, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

Yellowhead’s Analytics platform enables you to revolutionize the way you analyze data. Their comprehensive, user-friendly, and customizable dashboard helps you discover the performance of your app store listings and focuses on the key performance indicators that are most important to you. So, you can track all of your app metrics in a single platform that gathers data from a variety of sources.

At Yellowhead, they are committed to making informed decisions based on data. Their experience in app store optimization across various categories and expertise in best practices are supported through in-depth analysis of ongoing keyword tracking and comprehensive competitive skills.

Their professionals increase your app store rankings and organic app installs with the complete ASO framework for your app page. This framework covers all aspects of your app page, from keyword targeting to user acquisition. They even make sure their clients can benefit from their extensive keyword research and industry analysis all over the world. 

Further, their geo-targeted keyword listings can help you to gain more installs in all places of the world accessible on the App Store and Google Play Store. All in all, they continually optimize your app pages with a systematic approach to metadata and accurate optimization strategies.


Services OfferedSEO, ASO, CRO, Social Media Management, UGC, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

Moburst analyzes a large database of keywords for research purposes which is more than 5,000 keywords for a specific location and language. It helps them create the most effective ASO strategy. They give assurance to provide more installation for each mobile application. 

They have gained extensive experience working on over 600 mobile applications. It has enabled them to identify and implement strategies that have proven to be successful. They have assisted their clients in nearly all the verticals available in the retail sector.

They collaborate with some of the largest corporations in the world, surpassing their key performance indicators across multiple industries. In general, whenever someone takes their services, they provide a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to working closely with their clients. 

Last but not least, they are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the game when it comes to app store algorithms and best practices. From creating descriptions and titles based on keyword research to designing, testing, and getting the right results in over 25 languages, they are one of the best app store optimization companies in the world.


Services Offered – ASO, Performance Marketing, CRM, Growth Consulting, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

The primary goal of Phiture is to manage app store optimization to improve the ranking of your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, as well as to increase organic installs. Their team of app store optimization specialists, data scientists, designers, and engineers provide keyword optimization, A/B testing, analytical insights from their scaling and keyword-tracking tools, well-designed experiments, and monthly metric reports. They even assist you in increasing the downloads by applying all the strategies they know about ASO and transferring the insights to you.

When you collaborate with Phiture, you will get an opportunity to use their custom platform named Replika. Replika is a platform developed by Phiture’s ASO Team to serve as a test environment for Apple App Stores and Google Play Stores. It is designed to direct real users to the Replica app store pages in order to assess user intent, behavior, and possible cost-per-click (CPI) in order to optimize store listings.

Further, they provide reports on a regular basis that include optimized keyword metadata, localization analysis, and more. This app store optimization audit will provide a comprehensive overview of your app’s performance in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, highlighting the areas of your app that offer the most potential for growth.


Services Offered – Keyword Optimization, Reputation Management, Conversion Optimization, Apple Search & Google Ads, and more (All services are related to App Store Optimization).

Pricing Plans: – Custom

Gummicube works with their clients every step of the way to optimize the store listing so that they can rank their client’s apps higher on more keywords. This includes everything from keyword optimization to titles and subtitles as well as from short and long descriptions to promotional text related to their client’s app. They work with their clients to share updates, report the progress, and provide the clients with detailed deliverables so that they can understand what they would get from Gummicube.

Gummicube’s ASO experts execute conversion optimization to improve their client’s store listing assets, such as screenshots, icons, feature graphics, preview videos, and user-facing metadata. In addition, they implement A/B testing by experimenting with different variants of creatives and metadata assets using live traffic. This way, they help optimize the app’s store listing to increase the conversion rate wherever their client’s app is in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and reduce the cost of user acquisition.

Lastly, Gummicube’s paid search team specializes in managing and optimizing their client’s Apple Search Ads and Google Ads campaigns. Moreover, their team is well-versed in how organic search and paid search strategies work together, leading to providing their clients with a higher number of app downloads.

App Radar

Services Offered – Keyword Optimization, Ratings & Reviews Management, App Performance Tracking, and more (All services are related to App Store Optimization).

Pricing Plans: – $69/month, and Higher.

App Radar has a particular team of app marketing professionals that provides their clients with ongoing ASO updates and reporting to enhance the organic performance of their clients’ apps. They will make the app store optimization plan and modify the metadata to improve keyword rankings, increase the app’s visibility, and generate more organic downloads.

Whenever a client collaborates with App Radar, their app store optimization experts conduct an audit of their clients’ app store listings to identify the areas of focus. This audit includes an in-depth analysis of the niche, a comprehensive competitor analysis, and research of the current metadata to provide their clients with actionable steps and a competitive advantage in organic growth.

Simultaneously, their mobile app creative designers create the app’s icon, preview videos, or screenshots for the Google Play Store or Apple App Store using the most reliable methods that help catch the attention of their clients’ targeted users, increasing the possibility of downloads.

They offer three plans for their app store optimization services: ASO priced at $69/month ($828/year), Growth priced at $159/month ($1908/year), and Enterprise priced at €399/month.


Services Offered – ASO, Creative Design, Customer Engagement/CRM, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

ConsultMyApp always conducts a thorough experiment and a structured testing approach to discover exactly what their clients’ target audience likes. Then, they use that knowledge to determine the most effective method to improve the app store ranking and convert organic traffic into installs. They don’t stop here.

To keep its clients’ apps one step ahead of the competitors, this app store optimization company constantly monitors market trends as well as uses its data (both paid and organic search) to help its clients stay up to date.

So, when it comes to choosing one of the best app store optimization companies in the world, you can go for this one. This company checks the performance of the apps after optimizing them with relevant keywords from a similar niche, monitoring the reviews and ratings, experimenting through A/B testing, and implementing more strategies to provide their clients with accurate analytical reports and make data-driven decisions.

Yodel Mobile

Services Offered – App Store Optimization, App Launch Strategy, Paid User Acquisition, and App Growth Programme.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

Yodel Mobile provides managed app store optimization services that are entirely custom-built and designed to work seamlessly with their client’s app’s overall development plan. Their devoted ASO experts utilize vital strategies, such as an in-depth analysis of their client’s competitors and the market, continuous metadata optimizations using cutting-edge keyword optimization loops and leading app store optimization tools, and an ongoing A/B test strategy that helps experiment with two versions of the same app to understand which one is working perfectly for the targeted user base.

Yodel Mobile even has a team of ASO specialists who are from different parts of the world. These ASO specialists can help localize their client’s app listing for other languages and regions in the app store. Although they use tools to localize the apps, their proficiency in understanding different cultural diversity is beneficial compared to using only tools.

At the same time, their creative team will be responsible for creating appealing screenshots, app icon designs, preview video content, and more that will help their client’s app target users and increase downloads.

App Guardians

Services Offered – Paid User Acquisition, Creative Services, App Store Optimization (ASO), Retention & CRM, and Subscription Revenue Optimization (SRO).

Pricing Plans: – Custom

The ASO specialists at App Guardians conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store presence for their client’s app and provide strategic suggestions for increasing the reach of the app’s ASO campaigns for maximum short-term and long-term impact.

They implement a variety of ASO strategies, such as optimizing the app’s title and description with high-volume and relevant keywords, icons, screenshots, etc., on two of the mainly used app stores (Apple App Store and Google Play Store) to improve the app’s visibility and rank in app store search results. The higher the app’s visibility, the more organic traffic it will attract. They even conduct A/B tests on the app store, utilizing industry-leading optimization tools. This, in turn, will lead to more downloads. 

App Guardians provides a dedicated team for each of their clients so that they can discuss their goals, modifications, and other changes as per their campaign requirements. This dedicated team provides regular performance reports to make their clients understand how the campaigns are performing. Additionally, App Guardians help their clients increase the app’s performance in the local regions with various advanced strategies.

The ASO Project

Services Offered – SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, ASO, Search Ad Management, and more.

Pricing Plans: – Custom

The ASO Project is a premier full-service app store optimization agency providing top-of-the-line ASO services. They have dedicated teams of organic search experts for mobile apps who use cutting-edge technology and techniques to improve app visibility and conversion, leading to an exponential rise in organic app downloads for their clients.

This ASO company has developed a client dashboard along with other technologies to gather data from app stores so they can make the best optimization decisions. As they have several ASO professionals, they manage the entire optimization process from start to finish.

Whether their clients want to expand their app’s reach to other countries or want to optimize the app’s existence in different app stores, including Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store, The ASO Project can do that for their clients. Some of their other services include influencer marketing, link building, Apple Search ad management, and more!

If you want to know about the pricing for their plans, contact the ASO Project directly, and they will tell you the cost based on your campaign’s needs and objectives.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization, abbreviated as ASO, is a method of enhancing the visibility and discovery of a mobile application in app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and other app stores. It is similar to SEO for websites but is specifically designed for mobile applications. ASO includes the optimization of various elements of an app listing, such as Title, Description, Keywords, Icon, Screenshot, and Reviews, in order to improve the chances of the app ranking higher in App Store search results and generate more downloads.

What is the importance of App Store Optimization?

  1. Increased Visibility

ASO is an essential approach to increase the visibility of your app and make it stand out from the competition, where millions of apps are competing for higher positions and more downloads. Through comprehensive techniques, ASO can help to increase your app’s visibility by ensuring it appears higher in the app store’s search results and category listings. This increased visibility is essential as it significantly increases the chances of your app being found by users who are searching for apps related to your niche.

  1. Higher Organic Downloads

When your app is more visible in search results, it draws in users who are actively searching for apps similar to yours. Hence, they are more likely to download it, leading to more organic (non-paid) downloads.

  1. Cost-Effective Approach

ASO is a cost-effective method of increasing the visibility and user engagement of mobile apps. Unlike paid advertisement, which may be costly, ASO offers the potential to generate organic growth over a period of time, eliminating the need for continuous advertising spending.

  1. Improved Conversion Rates

Optimizing the app’s title, icon, screenshots, and description can help you boost the conversion rate. Hence, when people visit your app store’s page, they’ll be more likely to download it.

  1. Better User Experience

ASO techniques assist in improving the quality and relevance of your app’s listing. When people are able to easily find your app and understand what it has to offer, they’re more likely to use it and have a positive experience, which leads to higher user satisfaction and retention.

  1. Competitive Advantage

ASO enables you to monitor your competitors and adjust the tactics as per your needs. By monitoring their keywords and strategies, you can find ways to make your app stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

  1. User Feedback and Ratings

ASO can increase the number of user ratings and reviews by encouraging satisfied users to leave positive reviews, which in turn influences other visitors. A positive rating and review can increase trust and credibility, resulting in more downloads.

  1. Localization

ASO helps customize the listing of apps to a particular region or language, which is essential for the global distribution of the app. Overall, it helps reach a wider range of users and accommodate local preferences.

  1. Adaptation to Algorithm Changes

App store algorithms are constantly changing. By optimizing your app listing on a regular basis, you can adjust to these changes and improve your app rankings on the app store’s search results.

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making

ASO utilizes analytical data to determine which keywords, images, and other features are most relevant to your app. With this data-driven strategy, you can continually improve the performance of your app.


ASO can help you increase your app’s downloads and visibility by optimizing your keywords, category, app icons, screenshots, description, etc. to make your app easily found in app store search results and make it more appealing to users.

Encouraging positive app store reviews and app store ratings, localizing your app to different regions, executing A/B split tests, regular app store updates, and competitive analysis will help your app succeed in the highly competitive app store listings, resulting in more downloads for your app and increased user engagement.

Yes, many app store optimization (ASO) companies have experience with both Apple App Store and Google Play Store optimization. They are familiar with the different algorithms and ranking factors as well as the guidelines of each platform. It allows them to create customized strategies for increasing visibility and downloads across iOS and Android. With this dual expertise, ASO companies can provide comprehensive solutions for reaching a wider audience across various app stores.

The best ASO companies use a combination of in-depth monitoring and industry analysis to stay familiar with the algorithm changes across app stores. Moreover, their ASO team monitors app store updates closely and analyzes their effect on app ranking and discoverability on a regular basis. By utilizing the latest tools, they make sure their strategies are constantly evolving and in line with the recent practices and trends.

ASO companies conduct competitor analysis by first identifying key competitors in the same app category or niche. They then assess various aspects, including competitor keywords, app store rankings, user reviews, and feature updates. This data is used to gain insights into competitor strategies, advantages, and drawbacks. By understanding what is working for competitors and where they can improve, ASO companies can develop more effective optimization strategies for their clients’ apps.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for optimizing content for websites in order to increase their visibility on search engines such as Google and attract more organic web traffic. SEO involves implementing keywords, acquiring backlinks, creating internal links, and using other tactics while ASO focuses on improving the visibility of mobile apps within app stores such as the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Even though almost all the techniques are similar for both SEO and ASO, the platforms are different. That’s why you have to implement the strategies differently.

ASO is a cost-effective way to optimize an app store. The cost of doing ASO depends on a number of factors, including the scope of your project, the competitiveness of your app, the company you are going to hire, and other factors.


However, the cost of an app store optimization can be generally from a couple of hundred dollars for a simple one-time optimization to thousands of dollars a month for an ongoing ASO process. The exact cost will depend on your needs and the company you choose. So, when you are going to take their services, ask them directly.

You can do App Store Optimization on your own. However, you need to have great skills in knowing the app store algorithms, how users interact with your app, keyword research, competitive analysis, and more. If you don’t have this expertise and lack the time to implement your strategies, you won’t get the results that you need. That’s why it’s wise to hire the best App Store Optimization company that can take care of all your project needs and goals as well as free up your time that you can utilize to make your products or services better.

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