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Importance of SEO During COVID Pandemic

COVID-19 has affected businesses, lifestyles, and the entire world. It has changed the way people work and live. But this time will surely pass away soon, and then we all have to get back to our lives. Why not utilize your spare time during the pandemic to plan the business survival strategy.

The Importance of SEO For Business

When pandemics strike, life takes precedence over everything else. It means the business will be affected, and predictions of economic collapse can sometimes leave many people convinced that there is not much we can do. But keep patience, the pandemic will come to an end, and while you are sheltering from the storm, you can continue to use the SEO to support your business in different ways. It is essential to help your business survive the covid 19 pandemic.

When times are good, words such as “we understand, we care, valued customer” are often used, and so on. Now is the right time to continue that type of communication. People who receive their newsletters comment on the discussion forums, and some even leave great comments on interaction with your business. It is not time to put the products down their throats. It is the occasion to be an understanding friend. The content we share should let them know that “we know what they are up against, and we are there to help them.”

Showing the human side of your business is a good idea. People often feel happier relating to a business and knowing that it can understand their situation. If your company is helping the community in any way to fight the covid 19 pandemic, share it in a newsletter or include it in your content.

SEO is a proven branding tool, and it continues to be so during the covid 19 pandemic. The trick is knowing how to use it. People may not be able to use your product or service while worrying about their job, their mortgages, and trying to stay healthy. But they are not disconnected.

Some companies are in charge of sharing safety messages with the public, so even if they sell products, it might be the last thing on someone’s mind during a pandemic. Their brand is still visible in searches. It is essential to optimize security-related keywords during a pandemic catering to consumer demand.

For example, at times like this, it may not be appropriate for a brand to be sharing humorous memes, even if that makes them more visible. They must share trendy content educating their consumers on essential safety measures. It makes your brand audience relate to your brand and leaves a constructive image in their minds.

However, the times will pass, and the content you are producing right now will no longer be relevant to your target audience. It is essential to keep your marketing campaign alive and build your brand audience. It will make it easier for you to connect to your brand audience at the end of the pandemic and achieve your business goals.

You need to look for the best SEO agency that knows how to do all this.

If the internet was an option for online businesses for product promotion. During the pandemic, it is the only way for many. It is a great time to invest in digital marketing! Whether to balance investment in media with operational strength or to redesign relationship strategies and chart new ways to approach your audience. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Stay tuned for opportunities
  • Reallocate funds
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Engage the audience!

Isolation Changes in Consumer Behavior

Social isolation has changed consumer behavior. The quarantine has expanded digital consumption, especially about essential items. Some sectors will indeed benefit from their online presence in the market. However, the businesses dependent on traditional marketing and physical stores will have to create an online presence to grab the attention of their target audience. 

Delivery services, online supermarkets and pharmacies, home offices, videoconferences, distance education, and public safety are the concepts that will trend during the covid19 pandemic. However, even if your company is not part of these segments, you must look for a way to migrate your business to online platforms. That’s because people are there and will be there even during the crisis. 


Digital Experts warn that every crisis is also a time of great opportunities. The crisis period is perfect for companies to show their human side without sounding opportunistic. The situation also requires brands to keep an eye on their competitors and keep track of their marketing strategies. It helps them understand what works best for their target audience and implement the trends in their marketing strategy.

As we are observing, many companies are doing solidarity actions in favor of humanity. For those who work in a segment with a direct or indirect connection with the areas of health, transport, hygiene, medicine, or hospital equipment, it is time to think about how you can make your contribution to the fight against the covid 19 pandemic. Show everyone that your company is engaged in this fight and help as needed “, says Diego Martins – CEO of Inside Sales. 

Even if the scenario is not in your favor, it is still possible to think of strategies so that companies considered “non-essential” can survive the covid 19 pandemic. For example, in the legal segment, many labor offices may find opportunities in cases related to contract terminations. They can also expect a lot of client negotiations and financing cases. 

It is essential to find a way to create products catered to consumer needs to survive the pandemic. For example, automobile companies may work on upgrading their vehicles with advanced sanitary features. Just find a way to keep your business in the news to make it survive the covid 19 pandemic. 

Take advantage of digital platforms, be present in the channels where consumers are, reassess brand campaigns and direct responses, highlight the benefits of products and offers, demonstrate care and empathy, define alternative customer experiences. Stick with the basics and incorporate the digital marketing trends catered to the chronic demands of your target audience and excel in your marketing campaign. 

Here is a series of strategies for you to start incorporating in your marketing strategy and reduce the impacts of the pandemic on your business:

Transform Your Operation

One point that deserves your attention is to adapt to the company’s operations. Investing in delivery services is the best way to facilitate consumer access to services and products. Providing home delivery is the only way to enable consumers to access your offerings.  

Anticipate Your Sales

The best way to keep your brand visible is through digital channels. Your company needs to have a modern, effective website fed daily with authentic and relevant content. Your website must provide value to your brand, not just sell services and products. One way to guarantee this visibility is to maintain good positioning on Google’s search engine result pages SERP. 

The exposure effect is a marketing phenomenon, in which consumers develop a preference for a specific brand/product just because they are familiar with it. It is time to explore low-cost strategies to keep your brand in the spotlight for potential customers. It is an action with long-term benefits. 

Talk To Your Consumer

You must emphasize the customer-company relationship. It is necessary to create channels to dialogue with the public, listen to their pain, and solve their problems. Social networks are great for this as they guarantee fast and easy communication. You can use the messaging system of Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp. 

Increasing your brand’s social contact is another digital marketing action, valid in this Coronavirus period. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – these are the places where your customers are discussing their purchasing decisions, reviewing their products, exchanging points of view with each other. Take the time to create a low-cost plan and be part of those conversations. 

Expand Your Territory

Have you thought about expanding your territory? Other fields of business might have applications to lure the consumers with the covid 19 pandemic. For this strategy, nothing better than pointing your Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to other regions and analyzing performance. Experimenting with paid marketing services is essential to find new business areas to expand your business to.

Work with Influencers

As people are unable to leave their homes, it is common to turn more to social networks. In this Coronavirus period, influencer marketing is on the rise and can be used. However, before anything, it is worth studying the profile of the micro-influencer to see if it is in line with your brand proposal.

You Need to Measure Results at All Times

It is essential to maintain a routine of measurements and analyses to carry out the conscious and strategic management of the budget and make data-driven decisions. You can focus on evaluating sales, several leads generated, and other performance indicators. If your budget is limited, focus your marketing efforts on the products and services performing best in the market. 

Trial and Error

It is a technique to determine the most effective tools and tactics for your marketing campaign. It is up to each segment and company to implement, test, and measure. However, it is essential to be agile and creative, to bet on cheap and easy strategies to execute. If the return is not as expected, kill the experiment and move on to the next one.

Final Words

We all hope for the vaccine solution for the coronavirus to soon be available and business activities to resume. However, you must prepare yourself for any such challenge that comes your way. Just as with the economic crisis of 2008, companies like Uber and Airbnb have emerged and changed the way we travel and host, a lot can happen. Business strategies for such conditions are vital to helping your business sustain times of crisis. 

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