Importance of SEO During COVID Pandemic

If already before this health catastrophe who was not on the Internet simply did not exist, from now on it is not worth being online in any way. 

Consumers and businesses search for quality information on the Internet in much more haste than before. The confinement of the majority of the population, teleworking – which on many occasions does not mean working less, or doing it more comfortably – is changing our perception of time. It is possible that we get bored for a short period of the day, but as regards the contents of the websites, we need to find the best ones in a very short time.

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What Are Search Engines and What Is SEO for?

When we have a business, having a good website is an essential requirement to promote the online presence and communication of our brand. They say that if you are not on the Internet you do not exist. And no matter how good a product is, if it is not well communicated, it is not sold. And it is true.

There are many channels through which we can promote our products: social networks, email marketing, outdoor advertising, SEO … And just to do SEO we need a good website to a position. That website is going to be our cover letter, the first thing that our potential client will see from the sofa at home. So, we have to have a complete web page, well structured, clean and that provides the user with information clearly and precisely. 

The important thing is to know how to multiply your company’s income thanks to SEO, but let’s first see how a search engine works:

Search engines store copies of web pages. When we write a query to one of them, it searches all the pages of its index and tries to return the most relevant results.

To do this, it uses Google algorithms. No one knows exactly how these algorithms work, but there are clues, at least from Google. The weight that is applied to each factor varies according to the nature of your query; for example, the freshness of the content plays a more important role in responding to queries on current affairs than in dictionary definitions.”

The Importance of SEO For Business

When pandemics strike, life takes precedence over everything else. This means the business will be affected, and predictions of economic collapse can sometimes leave many people convinced that there is not much more that can be done. But take heart, this situation will come to an end, and, while you are sheltering from the storm, you can continue to use the importance of SEO to effectively support your business in different ways. With a clear objective: not to let your business be quarantined.

When times are good, words such as “we understand, we care, valued customer” are often used, and so on. Now is the right time to continue that type of communication. To the people who receive their newsletters, they comment on the discussion forums and some even left great comments about their business, it is not time to put the products down their throats. It is the occasion to be an understanding friend. The content we share should let them know that “we know what they are up against.”

Showing the human side of your business is a good idea. People often feel happier when they know they can relate to a business and that they understand the situation. If your company is helping the community in any way during the epidemic, share that in a newsletter or find a way to include it in your content.

SEO is a proven branding tool. In times of a pandemic, this is still the case. The trick is knowing how to use it. People may not be able to use your product or service while worrying about their job, their mortgage, and trying to stay healthy. But they are not disconnected.

Some companies are in charge of sharing safety messages with their public, so even if they sell products that may be the last thing on someone’s mind during a pandemic. Their brand is still visible in searches. It is possible to optimize certain keywords that may be related to security during a pandemic with the importance of SEO.

Remember, however, that at a time like this, it may not be appropriate for our brand to be sharing humorous memes, even if that makes us more visible.

SEO allows you to stay visible. During a pandemic, people’s minds are concerned about their health and theirs. But the pandemic will pass and it will no longer be so relevant to know how people were searching until now, but how it will start to search. To be ready when everything calms down, it is necessary to start working right now on an appropriate SEO strategy for your business.

Now we only have to look for an agency that knows how to do all this.

If the internet was already important for business, today it is seen as the only alternative for many. This is a great time to invest in digital marketing! Whether to balance investment in media with operational strength, or to redesign relationship strategies and chart new ways to approach your audience. Therefore, it is necessary to:

  • Stay tuned for opportunities
  • Reallocate funds
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Engage the audience!

Isolation Changes in Consumer Behavior

Social isolation has changed consumer behavior. The reality of the quarantine has expanded digital consumption, especially about essential items. Some sectors will indeed benefit, however, those who turn to digital can remain present in the market. 

Delivery services, online supermarkets and pharmacies, home office, videoconference, distance education, and public safety are the sectors considered as opportunities. However, even if your company is not part of these segments, the best option now is to migrate your investment to digital marketing. That’s because people are there and will be there even with the end of this crisis. 


Experts warn that every crisis is also a time of great opportunities. The crisis period is perfect for companies to show their human side without opportunism. The situation calls for brands to keep an eye on the brand and metrics. 

“As we are observing, many companies are doing solidarity actions in favor of humanity. For those who work in a segment with a direct or indirect connection with the areas of health, transport, hygiene, medicine, or hospital equipment, it is time to think about how you can make your contribution and, at the same time. Show everyone that your company is engaged in this fight and help as needed “, says Diego Martins – CEO of Inside Sales. 

Even if the scenario is negative, it is still possible to think of strategies so that companies considered “non-essential” can survive amid this pandemic. In the legal segment, for example, many labor offices may find opportunities in contract terminations, as well as in client negotiations and financing. 

In the automotive sector, how about working in strategic niches of great need in the current scenario? As is the case with vehicles for the health and safety sector, such as ambulances and fleets. Another point is to focus on application drivers, offering discounts on maintenance, cleaning, and air conditioning services. 

Business and digital marketing strategies for companies that want to survive the crisis caused by Coronavirus.

Take advantage of the power of digital platforms, be present in the channels where consumers are, reassess brand campaigns and direct responses, highlight the benefits of products and offers, demonstrate care and empathy, define alternative customer experience. In times of Coronavirus, marketing strategies must be rethought!

Check below a series of strategies for you to start implementing, today, in your company and reduce the impacts of the pandemic on your business: 

Transform Your Operation

One point that deserves your attention is to adapt to the company’s operations. Investing in delivery services is the best way to facilitate consumer access to services and products. Reinforcing the delivery service, as well as closing partnerships is an interesting strategy. 

Anticipate Your Sales

Even the tourism and hospitality segment is one of the most affected sectors by the crisis, has a way to turn things around with anticipated sales. Experts say that this is a way to guarantee the cash of the business. Another is to guarantee the sale associated with a bonus, which the customer may use at another time. 

Make Your Site Even More Visible!

The best way to keep your brand visible is through digital channels. Your company needs to have a modern, effective website that is fed daily with authentic and relevant content. Your website must be able to value your brand, not just sell services and products. One way to guarantee this visibility is to maintain good positioning on Google’s search pages. 

The exposure effect is a marketing phenomenon, in which consumers develop a preference for a certain brand/product just because they are familiar with them. This is the time to explore low-cost strategies to keep your brand in the spotlight for potential customers. It is an action with long-term benefits. 

Talk To Your Consumer

However, the customer-company relationship is one of the most important issues now. It is necessary to create channels to dialogue with the public, listen to their pain, and solve their problems. Social networks are great for this, as they guarantee fast and easy communication. You can use the messaging system of Facebook, Instagram, or even WhatsApp. 

Increasing your brand’s social contact is another digital marketing action, valid in this Coronavirus period. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – these are the places where your customers are discussing their purchasing decisions, reviewing their products, exchanging points of view among other activities. Take the time to create a low-cost plan and be part of those conversations. 

Expand Your Performance

Have you thought about expanding your territory? It may be that in other regions the crisis is not so intense and your company can operate with more freedom. For this strategy, nothing better than pointing your Google Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to other regions and analyzing performance.

Work with Influencers

As people are unable to leave their homes, it is common to turn more to social networks. In this Coronavirus period, influencers are on the rise and can be used. However, before anything, it is worth studying the profile of the micro-influencer to see if it is in line with your brand proposal. 

You Need to Measure Results at All Times

It is important to maintain a routine of measurements and analyzes, to carry out the conscious and strategic management of the budget destined to digital marketing. You can focus on evaluating sales, several leads generated, and other performance indicators. If your budget is limited, knowing what works will help facilitate decision making on where to invest the money. 

Trial and Error

It is worth saying that there is no formula for what works and what doesn’t. It is up to each segment and company to implement, test, and measure. However, it is important to be agile and creative, to bet on cheap and easy strategies to execute. If the return is not as expected, kill the experiment and move on to the next one. 

Final Words

We all hope that this virus will soon be fought and this period of isolation will end. However, you must be prepared because the world will no longer be the same. Just as with the economic crisis of 2008 companies like Uber and Airbnb have emerged and changed the way we travel and host, a lot can happen. It is important to be prepared.

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