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Achieved 1,00,000+ Organic Traffic and £9,67,000+ Revenue Generated

Seo Casestudy

It is an eCommerce website with hundreds of product listings. The main focus of our client was to generate leads for the potential business prospects and increase sales.


  • 1. Determining keywords that specify commercial intent.
  • 2. Defining their target audience attributes.
  • 3. Bring relevant traffic to their website.
  • 4. Ensure top rankings for category pages
  • 5. Increasing sales

Our SEO Work Strategy:

To begin with, we carried out a requirement analysis to have a deep understanding of client requirements. Here is the SEO work strategy we formulated to achieve the campaign objectives.

Requirement Analysis:

During the requirement analysis process, we ask several questions to understand client expectations from the project. These are the questions we emphasized specifically upon:

  • What are their ideal target audience attributes?
  • What are the objectives they aim to achieve?
  • What is their business model?
  • What is the format of their content inventory?

The client had a hindered vision of their objectives and other essential particulars of the project. We decod the raw data to generate clarity over project necessities and set it to create a work-down structure.

Website Analysis:

Their official website was the platform we used to generate leads for. It was essential to ensure a comprehensive website to lure visitors and get them to submit their emails. We focused on the presentable website elements to improve the user experience.

The goal of the website analysis was to identify the issues hindering the organic visibility of the website. It included the theming of the website, lead generation funnels, and the website content. We eradicated any errors that may hinder the organic visibility of the website.

Keyword Research:

Depending upon their target audience attributes, we researched over 100 keywords. Our primary focus was to enable their website exposure to the right audience to increase sales. We finally decided to go with the long-tailed keywords as they were easy to rank and drive relevant traffic to the website.

We improvised platforms such as SEMRUSH, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs to get access to the relevant keywords. We focused on the visitor's search intent while looking for the keywords to access them.

Analyzing the Content:

The content of the website is another matter of consideration. It was essential to identify the gaps in their content marketing strategy and create content to fill them. Those gaps were preventing many potential business prospects from landing on our client's website.

We analyzed their competitor's content to avoid repetition of the content already present on the internet. We focused on unique content ideas to catch the eye of the visitor and excel in our content marketing campaign. Once the user lands on the website it's all up to the website experience and the call to action to get him to convert to your marketing efforts.

Spying on Competitors:

It was essential to determine their direct competition to ensure the successful implementation of the competitive analysis. We scraped the internet to identify businesses providing similar services as our competitors. We also kept the scale of the organizations in mind while determining direct competition.

After identifying the competitors, we determined their strengths and weaknesses. The competitive analysis enabled us to create a strong SEO strategy and avoid common mistakes that we might have made otherwise.

Framing a Customized SEO strategy:

Till this point, we identified the data regarding the target audience attributes and vital SEO trends and carried out the competitive analysis. We obtained all of the vital information essential to formulating a custom SEO strategy. A customized SEO strategy is an SEO plan catering to the specific demands of a business. It highlights essential objectives aligned with the ultimate marketing goals of the SEO strategy.

Based on the data obtained through research and competitive analysis, we framed a comprehensive SEO strategy for Garden Furniture Centre to provide our executive team an insight into the implementation procedure.

Requirement Prioritization:

The client had vivid requirements for the project. We decided to work on an itinerary to prioritize certain requirements over the others. It provides the execution team with a clear vision and ensures the proper implementation of the SEO strategy.

The process of requirement prioritization provides our team with a work-down structure easy to execute. It enables businesses to fulfill essential requirements before non-mandatory ones.


After the documentation, the implementation of the SEO strategy becomes easy. The document consists of a step-by-step process toward achieving campaign goals.

It facilitates easy communication amongst the employees working on a specific project. It also enables project managers to track the progress of the project.

Results Obtained:

Before we dig in to explain the results we achieved for Garden Furniture Centre, let us discuss their SEO standings before we took command of the project. Here is the graphical representation of the data representing their SEO standings at the beginning of the project.

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

We worked to boost the organic traffic of the website. Here is the graph representing the growth in organic traffic since we started working on the project.

Seo Casestudy

As per conversions are concerned. We have generated over £967K of revenue for the Garden Furniture Centre. During the first week of the SEO process, we changed the meta tags and included targeted keywords that had high search volume with low competition. The next phase was to link our client website with relevant and authoritative websites. In other words, build backlinks. We improvised diversified link-building techniques to create tons of authoritative links and increase their organic rankings.

By doing all these changes, we noticed a significant increase in the number of clicks and the click-through rates (CTR) on Google. We have completed over 3772 goals and yielded over 7674 conversions till now. Here are the depictions:

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

Here are some of the keywords we ascertained the absolute number 1 ranking on the search engine result pages:

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

Seo Casestudy

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