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50+ Keywords Ranked in the #1 Page on Google and Increased Organic Traffic by 160%

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About UK hair transplant:

UK Transplant clinic is the hit transplant solution provider in UK locations, and they operate clinics in different locations in the UK.

Background of our client’s business

UK hair Transplant clinic is known for providing treatments for hair loss. They even provide treatment for the replacement of lost hair. They offer unique treatment assurances and take the guarantee of every treatment they do.


This project came to us, and we had to build the online presence of UK Hair Transplant. They have clinics in every location of the UK, lacking a digital presence. Our objective was to make their online presence effective and revamp their existing website. Our whole purpose was to find out the technical issues in their existing website and make it functional for the users. Our digital marketing team focused on how to increase their brand awareness and chalked out a clear plan on how to achieve it.

Challenges we faced

Streamlining the digital marketing strategy for the client's hair Transplant business was a bit challenging. However, we still achieved it. Below are the challenges that we faced while working for them.

  • 1. Website optimisation

    The website lacked a better user experience and a user-friendly interface and was not even optimized. First, our team provided recommendations for fixing UX/UI issues.

  • 2. On-page issues

    The client’s website has several technical and on-page errors. Finding and working on them was difficult. It needed detailed technical analysis and audit of their existing website.

  • 3. Boosting online visibility

    Their overall website was not optimized, and doing everything from scratch to boost their online visibility took a considerable amount of time. They had no quality and quantity of traffic on their website.

  • 4. Competition

    There was huge competition in the health niche, so helping them stand out in the market appeared as a challenge.

  • 5. Effective link building

    To ensure they get quality traffic, it was a challenging task to find genuine websites to generate high-quality backlinks.

  • 6. Brand positioning

    Identifying the market gaps and creating a brand positioning for hair transplant in the UK was what we found the most difficult. However, our team figured out how to plan their brand positioning.

  • 7. Keyword Research

    They had no optimized content on their website, hence we first examine the organic keywords and then optimize the content on their website to rank it in Google.

  • 8. Reducing call drops

    It was a challenge to find the reasons for call drops and how to fix that. Our experts found the reasons and started working on it. In addition, there were no relevant CTAs on the whole website. Our team analyzed the whole website to place the CTA's at the right places.

Our Planning

Our digital marketers prepared the overall strategy. Together, we chalked out the plan to achieve our client's target of boosting the website. See below how we planned it.

  • 1. Finding the right hair transplant keywords
  • 2. Researching the quality and traffic-generating keywords.
  • 3. bringing organic traffic to the website
  • 4. Improving the keywords to make the website rank better
  • 5. Generating leads organically.
  • 6. Optimisation of google my business and creation of optimized posts.
  • 7. GADS set up
  • 8. Bringing paid traffic to the website
  • 9. Tracking the status of the paid lead set-up

Our Strategies: SEO Strategies

  • Complete Website analysis

    We started first by analyzing the website, doing the website audit helped us find out the loopholes in it. It took a fair amount of time to analyze the whole website and its faults.

  • Finding gaps

    There were gaps as their website has no optimized meta descriptions and titles. We first fixed these because it was a part of website optimization.

  • Categorized keyword research

    The other crucial thing was to find out the keywords of the particular category on hair transplant and treatment that can rank higher on Google.

  • Spying (learning) on Competitors

    Our experts are aware of this that competitor analysis is the key to boosting the online presence. So we first analyzed our client's competitors and their actions, and thus it helped us find better ways to grow their online presence in the health industry.

  • CTA implementation

    CTA tells the visitors what they can do next if they are interested in moving forward. Our team applied the correct CTA on the whole website because they have an integral role to play on the website.

  • UX/UI recommendation

    As they had poor website navigation and not a friendly interface, we suggested they change it because a functional and easy to navigate website attracts a lot of other users.

Google ads work strategy

  • Friendly page creation

    For working as per the planned strategy, our team created a friendly page.

  • Audience set up

    Reaching out and creating an audience is the most crucial thing to expect better results. We formulated the whole audience set up for our client.

  • Campaign creation

    Then the next we had to do was to create the ad campaign for hair transplant, and we successfully crossed this level.

  • Regular ads optimisation

    Our intelligent digital geeks created the ads as per the user intent, entirely relevant, and worked on them to make them perfect according to the A/B testing.

  • Remarketing Setup

    After getting done with the ad format, we did a remarketing set up as it promotes the brand and its online presence to the interested audience or those who had visited the website before.

  • Categorized keyword research for paid campaign

    To attract the right customers, it is essential to use the right keywords, and as the PPC team has already researched a lot on the keywords, we used them.

GMB work strategy

Google my business strategies included the creation of location-based pages of his business. Our team did the page optimisation and crafted highly-optimized Google my business posts.

Our Results

Our results speak more than anything, and our client's review has motivated us for doing our best in future onwards. As per our client's feedback, he has seen the desired changes in the hair transplant clinic. Also, there is constant improvement in the ads and GMB page rank on SERP. It is because of the implementation of the right strategies. With these, there has been an increase in the clinic visits and the queries of customers.

See the domain overview and SEO performance of the UK Hair Transplant Clinic.

Seo Casestudy

On the suitable implementation of the digital marketing strategies, Their website gets traffic from search engines, GMB, social media, and other platforms. It helped them to understand from where they got the massive traffic.

Seo Casestudy

Our team brilliantly worked and chalked out a plan to improve the website's speed, organic search, paid traffic and search, GMB posts, revenue and referrals.

Seo Casestudy

Let's have a look at the growth chart of their website. They have gained 24.6k clicks after taking our services. This number is more than the previous clicks that they got on their website (14.6k). You can have a look at the web performance of UK Hair transplant because it speaks clearly how we successfully created the on and off-page strategies using this to improve the website performance.

We did good research on the keywords to position the website on the top and ahead of the other competitors of the exact location.

Seo Casestudy

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