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Best Digital Marketing Companies for Dentists

We live in the digital era, and an optimized online presence is a must for every business, whether it sells products or services. The same applies to dentists.

As a dentist, you know how to diagnose and treat issues related to oral health, such as teeth, gums, and mouth. However, a dentist does not usually know how to do digital marketing. Basically, digital marketing is of the utmost importance for increasing website visibility, user engagement, relevant traffic, leads, and potential clients who may book your dental services. This is where digital marketing companies come in.

A top digital marketing company isn’t an ordinary agency that only knows all the digital marketing tactics, but it can also help your dental clinic achieve the best possible results. We’ve gone through company expertise, authentic reviews, project examples, and other aspects to compile a list of the 10 best digital marketing companies for dentists.

Let’s explore the list and make your dental practice thrive online.

A List of the 10 Best Digital Marketing Companies for Dentists

  1. SEO Discovery 
  2. Kickstart Dental Marketing 
  3. Cardinal Digital Marketing 
  4. Doctors Internet  
  5. Pain Free Dental Marketing 
  6. Aspire Digital Solutions 
  7. Dental Marketo
  8. SmartSites
  9. Geek Dental Marketing 
  10. Dental Revenue 

Services Offered – SEO, Influencer Marketing, PPC Ads, Content Marketing, App Store Marketing, Web Design, Reputation Management, Local SEO, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

SEO Discovery understands the unique challenges and opportunities within the dental industry. They’re one of the best digital marketing companies for dentists, helping to elevate the online presence of their partner dentists.

Their 400+ marketing experts specialize in creating customized digital marketing strategies that seamlessly integrate with the dental industry. From designing user-friendly and visually stunning websites to implementing targeted social media campaigns, this top digital marketing company ensures your dental practice stands out in the competitive digital space.

Their marketing professionals always focus on maximizing client acquisition and retention. Using the latest SEO and email marketing techniques, they place your dental clinic at the top of relevant search results. At the same time, they run strategic pay-per-click campaigns to target people from specific demographics when they’re searching for dental services.

In addition, SEO Discovery also excels in reputation management, promoting positive online reviews and testimonials to instill trust and credibility in your dental practice. With their data-driven approach, they continuously analyze and optimize your digital presence, ensuring a strong return on investment. So, whichever digital marketing tactics you want to implement for your website, join the hands of this best digital marketing company for dentists to transform your traffic into leads and leads into loyal clients seeking dental services.


Kickstart Dental Marketing

Services Offered – Website Design & Development, SEO, Review Marketing, Online Advertising, Social media optimization, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

When it comes to selecting a top marketing agency for dentists, Kickstart Dental Marketing is also one of them. They have several marketing professionals specialized in various digital marketing tactics. 

They further specialize in creating attractive websites that are designed with marketing science in mind, focusing on maximizing conversions. As a website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, this digital marketing company for dentists optimizes it for SEO and other strategies. Their team’s unique and effective SEO approach helps increase your dental practice’s visibility online and strengthens your website credibility, leading to generating more relevant organic traffic.

In addition to SEO, they are proficient in providing expertly managed advertising services to help you reach your goals, such as Google Pay-per-Click, Display Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and more. 

Lastly, their digital marketing experts help transform your social media platform with quality content, stories, and posts that attract followers.

Cardinal Digital Marketing

Services Offered – SEO, Facebook Ads, CRO, Website Design, PPC Management, Reputation Management, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Cardinal Digital Marketing is considered one of the best digital marketing companies for dentists due to its customized marketing solutions. Whether a dentist wants organic rankings, immediate targeted traffic, a visually appealing website design, or effective leads for his/her dental website, this top digital marketing agency for dentists can help with that excellently.

Their marketing professionals don’t just assist in creating numerous strategies but also focus on converting visitors into loyal clients who are in need of dental services with their strategic CRO services. So, if you want to gain higher conversion rates and maximize your ad spending, this marketing agency would be a great choice for your dental clinic.

Doctors Internet

Services Offered – Website Design, Reputation Management, Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Doctors Internet is dedicated to upholding the trust and confidence their clients place in them. This best digital marketing company for dentists offers a comprehensive range of dental websites and online marketing services, as well as a level of personalization and customer service that distinguishes them from other companies. After collaborating with their company, they provide a dedicated marketing manager who first understands the goals of your dental clinic and works closely with you to develop digital marketing plans to make your practice a sensation.

Some of their digital marketing tactics include SEO, which helps enhance the website’s rankings, credibility, and organic leads; PPC advertising, especially Google Ads, to make your dental website visible on the first page of searches on immediate basis; social media marketing, including both organic social media optimization and running paid Facebook ads, Instagram ads to maximize the number of people visiting your services.

Pain Free Dental Marketing

Services Offered – Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Website Design & Development, Social Media Management, Graphic & Print Design, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Pain Free Dental Marketing is a digital marketing company for dentists that only focus on their client’s success. While taking their services, you will get an entire marketing department dedicated to the success of your dental practice. Further, it is one of the best digital marketing companies for dentists that prioritize providing results that align with your practice goals rather than a list of services to deliver. 

As this dental marketing agency charges its clients based on the project size and strategies needed, you have to contact them directly. Some of their digital marketing tactics include search engine optimization, PPC advertising, social media management, website design, and many others. Lastly, this dental marketing agency helps you fill up your clinic with people who really need dental services, not just website visitors.

Aspire Digital Solutions

Services Offered – SEO, Email/SMS, Web Design & Development, Branding & Logos, Paid Search Ads, Social Media, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Aspire Digital Solutions provides complete digital marketing tactics based on the specific needs of each dentist. They understand that each dental clinic is unique and has its own marketing requirements, which is why they do not provide a generic solution for everyone. Instead, they carefully design each marketing campaign to meet the specific objectives of their partner dentists to achieve the most beneficial outcomes.

From offering SEO, PPC ads, Social media marketing, and Email/SMS marketing to the creation of branding and logos, this best digital marketing company for dentists fits your business model and maximizes your revenue by generating relevant leads. Lastly, but crucially, they also help dentists target people in their local region or city by making their website appear on the top spots for local searches and ultimately make them visit their clinic.

Dental Marketo

Services Offered – Dental SEO, Dental Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Dental Reputation, Dental Website Design, Dental Advertising, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Dental Marketo helps maximize the growth of your dental practice when you book their dental digital marketing. Based on the specific needs of each dentist, their digital marketing professionals help them target, attract, and drive new people to their dental clinic, whoever is really interested in dental services.

Basically, they create a website that’s optimized for your dental practice and with SEO, paid ads, or social media marketing to drive as much traffic as possible. Later, they help them convert into a lead that has a higher possibility of visiting your dental clinic and becoming your clients to treat their oral hygiene-related problems. 

Lastly, whatever your need is, this is the best digital marketing company for dentists that can take your dental clinic to the next level of success by building brand identity and making your website appear at the top positions of Google SERP.


Services Offered – Web Design, SEO, PPC, Email & SMS, Social Media, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

SmartSites provides a full digital marketing solution – from content creation and distribution to web development and design; this digital marketing company for dentists can help achieve your business objectives. Further, whatever your clinic size is, they provide personalized solutions to everyone that is enough to bring the best value for your business. 

With their strategic techniques like SEO and PPC, SmartSites helps maximize your search engine visibility and drive relevant traffic to your dental website. This is not the end! Their digital marketing specialists then utilize Email and SMS strategies to retarget those visitors who have shown interest in your dental services but didn’t book any appointment and even those existing people who have taken your dental services earlier but didn’t complete it fully. Hence, your clinic gets more people visiting your clinic, and your revenue increases.

Geek Dental Marketing

Services Offered – Website Design, Dental SEO, Local Listings, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Geek Dental Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company for dentists. While they work with a dentist, they create a comprehensive plan of action to capture the attention of those people who are genuinely interested in booking dental services and ensure the success of their dental practice in the long run.

They are proficient in various digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, local listings, Social media marketing, and more. With their dental SEO strategies, dentists can increase their website visibility and organic traffic. At the same time, their Google ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other marketing campaigns generate more targeted traffic, which has a higher possibility of booking their partner dentists’ services.

Dental Revenue

Services Offered – SEO, Paid Advertising, Email Marketing & Print Services, and more.

Pricing Plans – Custom

Out of many digital marketing companies for dentists, Dental Revenue is one of the best. This marketing agency provides a variety of marketing techniques that increase the website visibility, attract new people, and help retain the existing ones whenever they are searching for dentists online.

Their SEO professionals help with organic rankings and traffic. But if their partner dentists want immediate results, they can run effective Google ads campaigns and target specific demographics as per their partner dentists’ target user base. They even help with a responsive website design for all devices, whether it’s a mobile, tablet, or a computer, to increase the website rankings and user experience. 

Overall, this top digital marketing agency gives dentists complete transparency over their process and works towards increasing the ROI.

Services that the Best Digital Marketing Companies Offer for Dentists

Website Design and Development

A digital marketing company can create a visually appealing, mobile-responsive website for its client’s dental practice. The website will feature online appointment tools and contact forms, ensuring a seamless user experience for visitors who are searching for a dentist. It will help boost user engagement and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Enhancing website visibility is a top priority for every digital marketing company. Through multiple SEO strategies, these companies optimize their dental clients’ website titles, meta tags, content, and other elements. This ensures that your dental practice ranks higher in relevant searches, attracting more potential patients. Besides, they also make sure a dentist’s website appears on local search results, leading to attracting local people.

Content Marketing

The best digital marketing companies for dentists use content marketing to position their client’s practices as trusted authorities. The content specialists create informative and engaging blog posts and videos as per the dentists’ needs. It establishes a strong connection between their partner dentists and the audience.

Social Media Management

Managing the social media presence is key to expanding the reach of every dentist. Digital marketing companies optimize and engage their dental client’s audience through social platforms, running targeted social advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (currently, Pinterest, and more to enhance visibility, attract new patients, and foster a vibrant online community.

Online Advertising (PPC)

Leveraging PPC advertising, digital marketing companies design and manage several campaigns on platforms like Google Ads. Their PPC experts create great ad content to resonate with their partner dentists’ target audience, driving traffic to the website and increasing the visibility of their client’s dental practice.

Reputation Management

Building an online reputation is crucial for every dentist. Digital marketing companies actively monitor reviews, encourage positive feedback, and professionally address any negative reviews after discussing them with their respective dental clients. This ensures that dentists maintain an excellent online reputation, building trust with people who are seeking oral hygiene or teeth-related complications.

Email Marketing

The best digital marketing companies for dentists will keep users informed and engaged through email campaigns. By sharing promotions, new services, oral health tips, or whichever services dentists want to run an email campaign, these digital marketing companies can help. Therefore, dentists will be able to encourage good communication and build relationships with people.


Whether you are looking to increase your visibility on Google, create captivating content, or promote your dental practice on social media, the best digital marketing company for dentists is ready to collaborate with you. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for collaboration and see how these best digital marketing companies for dentists can take your dental practice to success.


Digital marketing companies unlock the full potential of your dental practice with various digital marketing tactics. By implementing powerful online strategies such as search engine optimization, paid advertising, and social media marketing, marketing companies can enhance dentists’ online visibility and outshine their competitors.

As a website will be the first point of contact for users to book an appointment, these companies make sure it’s user-friendly and filled with informative content. They leverage email marketing campaigns and local SEO strategies to strengthen your digital presence further. Overall, these techniques can drive more traffic to your dental practice and establish your clinic as a leader in the digital landscape.

SEO plays a crucial role in dental marketing by enhancing the online visibility of a dental practice. When people search for dental services online, effective SEO strategies ensure that your practice appears prominently in search engine results. By optimizing website content with particular keywords, improving site structure, and providing high-quality backlinks, SEO not only helps attract more organic traffic but also establishes credibility with search engines. This visibility boost can lead to increased website visits, appointment bookings, and the growth of your dental practice.

Social media marketing can greatly benefit your dental practice by providing a platform to connect with existing patients and future people who need dental services, build brand awareness, and showcase your expertise. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer opportunities to share educational content, promote special offers, and engage with the community. Visual platforms like Instagram are particularly effective for dentists, allowing you to showcase before-and-after photos, share oral health tips, and viral your practice. Facebook, with its diverse user base, is excellent for community engagement, reviews, and targeted advertising. Utilizing these platforms strategically can foster a positive online presence, enhance dentist-patient relationships, and attract new people to your dental clinic.

Dental practices can leverage various online advertising options to generate leads. Google Ads enables targeted ads based on user searches, ensuring visibility when people are actively seeking dental services. Social channels like Facebook and Instagram offer powerful advertising tools for demographic targeting, allowing dental practices to reach specific audiences with engaging content. Video advertising on platforms like YouTube can also be impactful, providing an interactive way to showcase services. Additionally, retargeting ads can re-engage website visitors who didn’t convert initially. By creating compelling ad content, optimizing targeting parameters, and utilizing analytics to refine strategies, dental practices can effectively generate leads and convert website visitors into appointments.

Content marketing for dentists builds credibility and trust by sharing informative information in the form of a blog, articles, oral hygiene tips, and other types of content. It positions the dentist’s practice as an authority and improves online visibility. It also engages existing patients, attracts new people who are looking for dental treatment, and contributes to overall online success.

Absolutely, a digital marketing company can play a crucial role in managing the reputation of your dental clinic. Through strategic online techniques, they can actively monitor and respond to customer reviews, ensuring positive feedback is highlighted and addressing any negative comments promptly after discussing with their partner dentists. Additionally, they can optimize the online presence, utilizing social media and search engine optimization strategies to showcase the clinic’s expertise, patient testimonials, and community involvement. By creating a positive online image, implementing targeted advertising, and fostering patient engagement, a digital marketing company can enhance your dental clinic’s reputation and attract a wider audience, eventually contributing to the overall success of your practice.

Digital marketing companies measure the success of dental practice campaigns through metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, appointment requests, social media engagement, online reviews, and ROI analysis, enabling data-driven optimizations for effective outcomes.

The timeline to see outcomes from digital marketing efforts for dental practices varies, but the initial impact can often be observed within a few weeks to a few months. Further, PPC campaigns can provide immediate results, while SEO techniques can take a longer time to give results. Lastly, every digital marketing strategy takes a different time to deliver results, be it social media marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, influencer marketing, or more.

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