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23 Predictions for Paid Marketing Strategies in 2024

Back in 2020, COVID-19 affected a lot of marketing professional jobs. We also saw a significant change in consumer practice. 2021 is coming up strong with hopes and exciting new challenges that will require a continuous adaptation to the change trends. Do you want to take stock of your priorities and the strategies to put in place? HubSpot just published a full report on the evolution of marketing, which includes data from 70k customers and over 3,400 marketers based around the world. 

They present the result in a 120-page white paper, completely free, with ten chapters for many strategies to put in place. Here’s a rundown of what to expect in this guide.

1. Content Marketing

Do you still have doubts? You can also combine your content marketing strategy with SEO to get overall optimized results. Due to Covid-19, there is a significant improvement in content viewership. In other words, more content is being consumed every single day. So, marketers must adapt to the current change in trend and become more empathetic in their new roles. To perform over the top in 2024 try improving your visibility online. 

2. Optimization for Search Engines

Providing quality and relevant information to consumers is a good idea. That said, you must pay attention to one pivot area: link your SEO to your business objectives to judge their real effectiveness. Another critical topic: leverage traffic by simply answering questions that your potential customers have, even if it means adding, modifying and deleting some of the pages. Leverage SEO strategy and yield maximum results without any hassle. To optimize, all the marketers must focus on three things: prioritizing load times and optimizing mobile and local pages. What will open up new avenues for you as well?

3. Social Media Marketing

Today, publishing generic content on social channels is important in case you want to gain the attention of the customers as well as the prospects. Personalization is becoming a new trend. It was essential to run parallel to Covid-19, particularly leaps in the publishing calendars resulted in the cancellation of many events’ while answering the questions that the situation brought up. Hearing your community gives insights to content as well as to the strong trend for 2024. Today, the topics of conversation are moving into a new direction, and we must adapt to it, even the use of social channels too! For example, TikTok was one of the big winners. With the discovery of new spaces, the desire of marketers stood out, especially when it comes to budgets and returns.

4. Digital Advertising

The organic channels continue to stay saturated, yet advertising remains an important means of capturing attention. But it is also necessary to be able to run along the solutions used continually. That said, it’s also important to analyze as well as optimize the campaigns that we set up. COVID-19 dropped the advertising spending and enhanced use of marketing emails, short videos, etc. 

Monitoring over channels is going to become important in the coming months. Is the advice given for 2024? Continue to keep investing and by staying accountable for what is still working. And therefore, closely monitor the cost that is generated as compared to the overall real benefits obtained. Facebook and Google are among the top channels to generate the best ROI. 

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencer’s recommendations are no longer to be demonstrated. Most of the consumers want to get the real things; also they are willing to identify with themselves and expect genuine guidance from their peers. In other words, collaborations with the fresh micro as well as the nano-influencers are on its rise. Covid-19 accelerated the size of content creators. Therefore in 2024, it will still be necessary to count on influencers and your customers’ consideration as spokespersons for your company. For staying in-line with selected demographics you will need to be flexible in your approach. How about trying new features like Youtube Shorts? 

6. Web Strategy

The web strategy must be constantly optimized to match the changing requirements of the audience while staying user-centric at all the time. Even in 2024, it will be important to cultivate sustainability and transparency even at a risk losing market share. It is your accountability and respect for encouraging internet users to control their overall experience. Sometimes posting prices and notices can help in achieving the best results. Do not forget to optimize your mobile spaces, representing one in three visitors as well as making them accessible. Your website plays as a hub and should be used to distribute the products and services.

7. Reporting and Attribution

Data analysis is giving marketers a new direction to work. Most of it emphasizes the common needs of human beings. In 2024 there will be no requirement to report on demographic data instead more of psychographic data will be used to create more impact. In other words, it will be necessary to learn more about analytical teams to make the reports easily accessible to other departments. On the other hand, attribution reports are also essential if you want to understand the actions to obtain the results and thus switch to delivering better results. GDPR could be the central theme of 2024.

8. Email Marketing

It is regularly announced dead, and it always comes back stronger than before. Also, it became a winner of 2023 and saw a sharp increase in its use. Email marketing is an effective vector of messages and maintains a regular link with its customers and prospects. To continue to accelerate on this subject in 2023, you will need to focus on three elements—first, the integration of email into your larger marketing strategy. Then, the personalization of the campaigns to adapt them to the different recipients. Finally, experimentation and continuous testing to integrate new trends and refine its processes.

9. Conversational Marketing and Chatbots

Now the communication is becoming easy due to—phones, SMS, WhatsApp, and AI chatbots, which are on the increase. Covid-19 have multiplied, given more substantial reach to conversational marketing and these bots. It is possible also to now automate the exchanges and to give clear and rapid answers to your potential as well as existing prospects. The benefit will come to those who will continue experimenting in 2024. You can start today by determining precisely what issues to respond to, with what tool, but also on what baseline you will make the success out of your action.

10. Market Research

To position yourself ahead of your competitors and to increase the interest of consumers you would need to perform regular market research. 2024 continues to be the year of great changes in a context where competition. It has already intensified the market game and therefore positioning your business/brand has become even more critical. Consistency will make the difference: it’s not just about analytics or measuring; it’s also about making regular posts. This data can help you to make the decisions. 

11. Story Doing

Story doing or telling a story is an ultimate tool. Nowadays, it is being widely used by digital marketers. The primary focus is on the action since no one likes blunt stories, moreover, businesses and brands also seek to create better engagement and share the experience with users. For the storytelling plan to work, it is necessary to clarify what will be counted, the reaction of the audience, as well as the possible effects on the people. 

12. TV That Allows You to Buy

Remember that TV is already dedicated to selling the content, products and services? Sometimes they never really established themselves as a market but they can be considered precursors of this trend: Shoppable TV, that is, a television that allows consumers to buy. The purchase of products on television, whether on a secondary screen to the content seen, through a QR, or in the store’s application, is becoming more common.

13. Programmatic Advertising

The term is used in different technologies that can automate the advertising. You can also automate the mapping of the advertising spaces that best adapt to the campaign’s objective, on factors like the browsing behaviour of users. Therefore, the effectiveness of the actions will tend to be higher.

14. Search Aloud

In the area of search marketing, one of the main trends in the increase in voice searches. The projection is that at least 50% of searches, directly in the search engine or in virtual assistants such as Siri, will be carried out in this way, directly affecting the positioning of the brands in Google. After all, speaking and writing don’t always coincide. It is vital to adopt SEO strategies in this new scenario.

15. Third-Party Cookies

One of the most impactful changes is the end of cookies in Google Chrome. The intention is that Firefox will do it by 2022 followed by Safari. These browsers will not support tracking which is widely used in advertising, in a manoeuvre that aims to increase privacy and, consequently, user trust.

16. WhatsApp Shopping 

Facebook’s instant messaging app is being used by businesses. Moreover, the Shopping Cart is a far more recent feature. Users can browse the catalogue with the new function, select the desired products, and then order as a message.

17. Google Shop-loop

One of the underrated applications is Google shopping platform named ShopLoop. It’s been around for six months but has all the numbers to be one of the highlights of 2022. With a social media image and combining short videos with e-commerce, users can view product demos online and decide if they want to order it or not! 

18. Interactivity

This is a trend that has only grown in years and might continue in 2021. Brand and business users are caring about increasing the interactive way, and, for this, it uses numerous resources: surveys, contests, etc. Therefore, when producing content, it is crucial to think about them to generate more user engagement and interactions.

19. Social Conscience

Today, the marketing and public relations areas of a brand must run parallel. The new generation of users demands social conscience and, therefore, the values that their speech transmits are as important as the quality of their products. Showcase your talent and let the world follow!

20. Micro-Influencers

As per recent studies, the bigger influencer has a lower rate of investment return. On the other hand, Micro-influencers are sitting tight with loyal followers and getting more products sold than the advertisements. Besides, they operate in a specific niche, facilitating targeting and positively influencing campaigns’ success.

21. Google My Business

Keeping up with Google My Business is essential for two reasons. The first is obvious: it is essential that, when looking for an establishment, the client does not need much effort to know your hours, services, and location. The second, not so much: a specific geographic position in listings is an important factor for your business to rank in search results “near me.”

22. Memes

As the relationship between customer and brand becomes increasingly informal, it pays to go for fun. Memes also allow you to present your brand in a less serious, and more hopeful way, it increases the chance of becoming viral. However, you have to be very cautious as the message can negatively impact anything that is difficult to fix.

23. Smartphone First

Last, one of the trends is to take the smartphone’s first approach. Pandemic also contributed to taking the smartphone’s first approach. During the time at home, the cell phone became our window to the outside world. We spend more time with it; that is why your company must have responsive applications and websites that offer the user to find everything they are seeking without a laptop.

Final Words

Increasingly, business takes place in virtual environments. Therefore, planning and developing up-to-date digital marketing strategies to the market is an inescapable necessity and a sure step to win new customers and strengthen relationships with those who are already loyal.

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