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The Key Local City SEO Skills to Boost Your Business

If you spend time online nowadays, you probably hear the term SEO. There is a possibility that you may not know the SEO practices. But you may have a basic idea about SEO if you have the slightest knowledge of digital marketing. SEO scenario in India is different than the other regions. Thus, if you are just starting out focusing on local SEO may help you tremendously in the long run. Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps improve the search engine rankings to make your website more visible to people and increase the chances of generating online traffic for your business without costing you any money unless you are hiring an local city SEO agency to do the job for you.

Today, we are going to discuss the critical local SEO skills that will help your business prosper in multiple locations within one city or region of India.

You may think what is the need? The competition is high. If you want your business to achieve online success, you have to outshine your competitors and attract more local people to buy your products or services.

Let’s dive in.

What are The  Local SEO Strategies for Multiple Locations in One City?

If your business serves multiple locations within one city, it’s very important to enhance your online presence to reach potential customers more efficiently. Below are a few tips that help you implement local SEO for your brand.

Local Keyword Research

You may hear the phrase – content is king. But it won’t matter how many blogs or other content you have updated on your website. If your content lacks the right keywords, Google will not show your content to the right people.

Suppose you have a restaurant in different places in Mumbai, such as Andheri, Bandra, Borivali, and a few others. There is less possibility that people from Andheri may go to your restaurant in Bandra, or vice versa. 

That’s why when people search for queries like famous restaurants in Andheri, and top dining places in Bandra, you have to implement these long-tail keywords on your web content. 

Don’t just put any random keyword from your mind. Instead, conduct comprehensive location-specific keyword research using keyword research tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, Semrush, Ahrefs, etc., and implement them into your content.

Location-Specific Content

Never put all the different location-wise keywords on the same page. Don’t get it? Let us simplify.

Just take the example from the above point. You have a restaurant business in different locations in Mumbai. Now, if you put all the different location-wise keywords on the same page, it may confuse your target audience as well as search engines while the search bots crawl and index that web page.

Rather, you should create different landing pages for each location where you have a restaurant. You can even add customer testimonials for every branch on its exact service page.

Blog posts may also be different based on the location. But if you are writing a blog where you put a title, namely “The different locations of ABC Restaurants” (take ABC as the name of your restaurant), you may have to put the keywords on the same blog. 

Overall, create different city pages as per the demands for good SEO.

Google Business Profile (GBP) Listing

If you want your business to appear in local search results, the most effective way is to create a listing on Google Business Profile. GBP listing is a very important factor when it comes to local SEO for any brand’s success within a city.

Fill in all the required details whichever is needed in the GBP to increase the online visibility and foot traffic for your business. 

Never fail to add the appropriate NAP details, like the business name, address, and phone number. In addition, the accurate listing of working hours throughout all locations would do a great job (opening and closing times of your business stores if you have an offline presence in the case of a restaurant, hotel, spa, casino, and many other businesses).

Some Local SEO Techniques for Multiple Cities

Think of another situation now. What if your restaurant is available in different cities rather than limited to different locations in the same city? Do you have to implement the local SEO techniques differently in this case? The answer is no. All the processes will be the same, but the approaches will be a little bit different.

When using location-specific keywords, you have to put the different city’s name instead of writing a location name of the same city. It could be – renowned restaurants in Mumbai, top dining places in Kolkata, etc.

We hope you have understood what we are trying to say. The rest of the local SEO strategies will be in a similar way as discussed above.

Now, we’ll explain a few more local SEO techniques, which will be the same for both cases.

Other Local Citations and and Directory Listings

You can even update your business information, especially, the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), on different local directories and citation sites except GBP, which helps increase your business’s credibility in search engine results.

Some of the other local directory listing sites are – 


  1. Yelp
  2. Foursquare City Guide
  3. Citysearch
  4. Angi
  5. Hotfrog
  6. Nextdoor, etc.

Creating Local Content

When it comes to local SEO for your city or multiple cities in your country, producing local content is one of the vital things. You can engage yourself in writing different blog posts or articles from your niche for your website, but content with local keywords will help your website on a great level to target local people and make them your potential customers.

Suppose you run a spa in Mumbai. You can write a blog on “the best spas in Mumbai”. If your blog is informative and has the right keywords, Google will rank it higher on the search engine results pages and show it to your targeted audience more.

Mobile Friendly Website 

You might hear people saying this or have read many times on blogs or articles related to Mobile SEO. Believe it or not, it is a fact. Mobile-friendly websites leave a remarkable positive impact on your online business growth.

You can create a website with so many graphics and an excellent design, but still, you may fail to generate potential leads if your website doesn’t perform smoothly on mobile devices.

Another important thing is that most Indians use mobiles while searching for something in their city area. So, optimize your website in such a way that it runs on computers as well as on mobiles very well.

Social Media Engagement

Interact on social media with your local audience. Share content and make them understand how your brand can make their life better. 

Organize social events online and reply to their queries in an engaging way. This way, your audience will trust your brand more, and sales may increase rapidly.

Relevant Link Building

Interlink your blog pages and different city landing pages to accomplish good SEO rankings.

Besides, you can collaborate with relevant local blog site owners with good domain authority for backlinks, leading to increasing your search rankings and credibility. Link Building is one of the major metrics in Google’s rank algorithm

The SEO techniques explained in this blog post can assist you in differentiating yourself from the competition, whether you’re expanding your business across multiple cities or to numerous locations inside one city. If needed, you can take help from the best SEO company in India for local SEO.

Remember, it’s not only about appearing high in search results; it’s also about interacting with the local community and providing value that maintains a good customer retention rate. 

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