How to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Shopify Store?

Shopify is a boon for aspiring and new online retailers. Anyone can create an online store on this e-commerce platform to sell their goods. The cloud-based website also enables retailers to sell across multiple mediums and channels. 

Businesses of all sizes have registered on Shopify to fulfil their business objectives by reaching their target customers. However, a business’s visibility, website traffic, and ROI can not be increased just by setting up a store on Shopify; it would need an SEO agency to optimise the ranking and engagement of an online business.

A well-structured digital marketing strategy will fetch you the best possible results by driving more visitors and potential customers to your website, eventually increasing returns and sales. While choosing or negotiating with an agency to optimise your website, keeping specific points in mind would help you get the most favourable output.

So, here are the things that need to be considered while choosing the best SEO agency for your Shopify Store:

  • Experience

Before hiring an agency, ensure to check their background thoroughly. Don’t just hire someone for your website without knowing the right strategies that will work for you. An expert SEO agency like SEO Discovery will analyze your needs and design a suitable method to increase traffic to your website.

  • Track Record

It might be possible for the agency to have a long experience in the market but with an underperforming track record. You can review their client testimonials or ask them to give references of their previous projects.

  • Their Knowledge and Understanding of E-commerce Digital marketing

When it comes to SEO, a lot of things are there to be taken care of while planning a suitable and successful strategy. It is essential to understand how SEO, Branding, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Paid Ads, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Website organisation, PPC Ads, Keyword Integration, Page Speed, etc., work in synchronisation to achieve the desired goals. 

Some of the best SEO agencies, like SEO Discovery, have gained an expert-level understanding of all the factors that come under the broad spectrum of E-Commerce Digital Marketing. They provide all-round assistance while keeping all these aspects in mind and focusing on what would work best for your business.

  • Transparent Communication

While approaching an agency, you need to pay attention to their communication pattern. Keep a speculative eye for things like,

  • Are they able to understand your business and its requirements? ( if they are unable or uninterested in understanding your business correctly, they will not be able to extend the best possible service and results.)
  • Are they responsive, or are they giving delayed responses? ( Delayed responses are signs of unprofessionalism, so stay alert.)
  • Can they effectively explain and communicate ideas with you? (their way of explanation reflects the understanding that they have about SEO.)

Considering these aspects would help you choose the right SEO agency.

  • Price of Service

Ask for the price they quote for the services you want. Make sure that the price they want justifies the services that they deliver. Also, look out for any hidden charges that might pop up suddenly. If you have a fixed budget, negotiate your best to stay within that budget. Ask your agency to provide a detailed price listing for their services. Be clear about your goals and requirements to maintain transparency from both ends. 


To leverage the advantages of Shopify and skyrocket the sales of your business, you need to tick off all the necessary boxes while Zeroing in on an agency for having a beneficial effect on the reach and sales of your business.

However, the shortlisting process would become much easier if you team up with one of the best SEO agencies, including SEO Discovery, that offers personalised SEO solutions and goes the extra mile to deliver the best outcomes.

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