Top SEO Reseller

Top SEO Reseller

In today’s rapidly evolving world of online marketing, every business must stay one step ahead of the competition. SEO has proven to be a game-changer in boosting online visibility and driving organic traffic. However, if you are unable to handle all the projects on your own or even want to avoid bearing the expense of hiring more in-house team members, you can collaborate with other SEO agencies that will complete all the technical work under your brand name. That’s where the idea of SEO reselling comes in.

There are many SEO reseller service providers available in the market, but choosing a reliable partner is the right choice that you would like to make for your business. Nothing to worry about! We have curated a list of the Top 10 SEO Resellers worldwide that will provide you with outstanding SEO services as per your client’s needs while you get all the credit.

A List of the Top 10 SEO Resellers

  1. SEO Discovery 
  2. The HOTH 
  3. SEO Reseller 
  4. FATJOE  
  5. Globital 
  6. SEMify 
  7. Savit Interactive 
  8. Loganix 
  9. Clixlogix 
  10. Stan Ventures 

With over 12 years of experience in the industry, SEO Discovery, a top SEO reseller, has a track record of providing excellent white-label SEO services to clients around the world. Not only does this SEO reseller understand your vision and mission, but they also have a dynamic team that serves your clients with high-quality SEO services. 

Further, this top SEO reseller is proud to work with various digital marketing agencies and offer them the best and most affordable SEO reseller program to increase their client’s ranking on Google. All you have to do is outsource your SEO project to this SEO agency, and they will provide you with the best white-label SEO company services. In their SEO reselling services, they offer everything, including local SEO, link building, reputation management, blog content, guest posts, and more.

No matter if you are a small or a large SEO agency, or even an individual SEO expert having SEO projects and want to outsource the best SEO agency, SEO Discovery is your best pick. Lastly, they provide you with outstanding customer support with real-time campaign performance so that you don’t need to worry about your clients, a win-win situation for everyone.


The HOTH is one of the top SEO resellers throughout the world. This company has developed their goal of increasing your client’s Google rankings and your net income.

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, SEO company, or a solo-preneur, they can help you with top-notch SEO services without letting you add more staff. Above all, they even offer a wide range of white-label services as well, except SEO, that you can seamlessly integrate with your existing offerings and resell directly to your clients under your brand name. 

Some of their services include content creation, local SEO, link building, reputation management, and more. The most interesting part is that they don’t put any branding, any logo, any phone number, or any taglines of their own on their report. So, you are free to use them as your own.

SEO Reseller

The white hat reseller program at SEO Reseller gives you access to everything they have to offer without any of the overhead or risk that comes with it! They provide you with more options to help you reach your SEO goals. Further, you also get to benefit from their years of experience and knowledge in this industry, helping with better results for your clients!

Their easy-to-use platform and customizable packages make it the perfect choice for businesses who want to outsource their SEO efforts. With a track record of delivering impeccable results, SEO Reseller helps businesses succeed without hampering their other important projects and even hiring additional employees for their SEO team.

This top SEO reseller provides a variety of packages. Their private-label SEO packages begin at $375 and can be higher as per the project size. They also offer smaller one-time services that are more cost-effective and provide more flexibility. Contact them for better clarification to know how you want to plan your SEO services and make your clients happy.


Whether you’re looking for a link-building service, a content service, or other SEO-related work to help you grow your business by handling your client’s SEO campaigns, you can count on FATJOE to get the job done. 

Their easy-to-use platform and transparent reports make it easy to understand and monitor the success of the SEO efforts done for your clients. FATJOE even takes responsibility and offers 100% money back on your first purchase while hiring their services if anything goes wrong in their services.

Some of their SEO services include off-page SEO, like link building and local SEO, on-page SEO, and technical SEO services, such as website optimization and other things.


Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, PR company, advertising agency or marketing agency operating in every country around the world, SEO should be an integral part of your digital offering. If you’re already offering the best SEO to your clients, this is your opportunity to offload all the tedious, repetitive and costly SEO tasks onto a team of certified professionals. The SEO experts at Globital can take care of all your needs.

Further, the time you save, you can use it to better serve your current clients with other marketing activities you’re passionate about without even hiring any additional members in your in-house team. This way, you will start to see new ways to find new clients, expand your marketing agency and make more money!


SEMify simplifies the SEO journey for businesses, making it accessible and effective. As a trusted top SEO reseller, SEMify offers many SEO services, such as on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. Their transparent reporting helps businesses to understand and monitor their SEO progress easily. 

Besides, this SEO reseller company acts as your team extension, keeping your brand identity intact while giving you affordable expertise that will help you maximize client results while growing your business. Overall, whether you are looking for high-quality deliverables or just need a little extra help with your SEO projects, SEMify can handle it for you. 

This SEO reselling agency won’t charge you unnecessarily. First, they will understand your client’s project and target audience clearly. Based on that, they will give you an exact pricing.

Savit Interactive

If you are looking for an SEO reseller plan that will provide you with reliable, profitable and hassle-free services at an affordable price, Savit Interactive is a great option. As a reputable SEO reseller agency, they provide exceptional SEO services to different businesses across a wide range of sectors. 

Their team of SEO experts will work behind the scenes to deliver remarkable results for your clients, while you can take the credit for the work done. With their high-quality white-label SEO services, you will have access to world-class writers, on-page SEO experts, and off-page professionals to meet all your clients’ needs. 

All you need to do is connect with this top SEO reseller agency and discuss every aspect. Hence, they will take care of all your clients’ SEO needs, and the credit goes to you.


All of the white label SEO work, from link building to keyword research and reporting, comes unbranded with no Loganix logo, making it an excellent SEO reseller for professionals or marketing agencies that don’t have an internal team of experts or simply don’t have the resources to keep or grow their clients. 

The SEO reseller program at Loganix comes with flexible packages that let you choose single services or a fully managed campaign on a monthly basis. You can sell their citation packages or links separately as your own or package them into a larger overall campaign and let this SEO reselling company handle one or more parts depending on your needs.

No matter how big or small your project is, you can outsource this one of the top SEO reseller agencies and get your work done efficiently.


Clixlogix is a dynamic SEO reseller that empowers businesses with effective SEO solutions. Specializing in SEO, Clixlogix offers a range of services, including on-page optimization, such as keyword research, web-content optimization, etc., to off-page optimization and technical optimization. 

Their user-friendly approach and commitment to delivering results make them an invaluable partner for businesses wanting to improve their client’s online presence. They have an excellent team of SEO professionals who are familiar with the top SEO trends and effective strategies that provide businesses with the guidance and support they need to navigate the competitive digital landscape successfully.

Most importantly, with their SEO reseller services, you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that ensures complete confidentiality and provides you with peace of mind. The credit for the work done for your client’s project entirely goes to you, making your portfolio better.

Stan Ventures

Stan Ventures is a leading SEO reseller that stands out for its expertise in driving organic traffic and improving online visibility. With a focus on white-label services, Stan Ventures helps businesses to offer high-quality SEO solutions without the need for an in-house team. 

With over 14 years of experience in the SEO industry and a team of 250 experienced SEO professionals, they are one of the most experienced SEO companies in the world. Furthermore, their transparent reporting and results-driven approach make them a trusted partner for businesses looking to excel in the digital space.

They also offer discounts on bulk orders. So, if you have more SEO projects that you want to outsource, you will get a good discount for outsourcing the SEO projects to Stan Ventures.

Benefits of Partnering with the Top SEO Reseller

Expertise Access:

By partnering with the top SEO resellers, you can get access to experienced SEO professionals. This allows you to offer your clients exceptional SEO services that cover all the critical aspects of SEO, from relevant keyword implementation to link building to technical optimization in a website.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

For businesses looking to cut costs and avoid the overhead of hiring and training more in-house SEO team members, SEO reselling companies are a cost-effective alternative. It allows the former to focus on other projects while leaving the complexities of SEO to the reselling expert companies.

White Label Services:

With a white-label partnership, you can leverage the specialized skills and resources of the SEO reselling company, ensuring your clients receive top-notch services under your own branding. This not only enhances your service portfolio but also fosters client trust and loyalty, ultimately boosting your business’s reputation online.


The top SEO resellers provide businesses with the flexibility to scale their offerings according to client needs. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, the resellers can customize packages to meet the unique requirements of each client.


Time holds great significance in the business world. SEO reselling allows businesses to save valuable time by outsourcing the time-consuming tasks associated with SEO, such as website optimization, content creation, and analytics monitoring, and still make their own company’s reputation more reliable.

Factors that You Should Consider to Choose the Right SEO Reseller


Look for an SEO reseller that values transparency. A trustworthy reseller should be open about their processes and reporting. This ensures that clients are well informed about the progress of their SEO campaigns.

Proven Track Record:

A top SEO reseller should have a track record of success. Research their past projects, client testimonials, and case studies to determine their effectiveness in delivering actual results.


Effective and clear communication is essential in any business relationship. Choose an SEO reseller that maintains clear lines of communication, promptly addresses queries, and provides regular updates on campaign performance.


Every business is different, and their SEO needs vary. Choose an SEO reseller that offers customizable solutions as per the precise requirements of each client.

Ethical Practices:

Ensure that the SEO reseller sticks to ethical SEO practices. Unethical tactics may provide short-term gains but can lead to long-term consequences like search engine penalties. A reliable SEO reseller uses strategies aligned with search engine guidelines.

Last Words

To sum it up, partnering with a top SEO reseller who communicates transparently and keeps up with the trending SEO changes ensures not just business success but also lets you take credit for your client’s success without actually doing any work.


An SEO reseller program is like an intermediary service for SEO companies that want to improve their client’s online visibility. Instead of that company handling its own search engine optimization (SEO), it hires a reseller who specializes in SEO services. The reseller then takes care of optimizing the client’s website, managing content, and implementing strategies to boost the client’s search engine rankings. Basically, the primary SEO company is outsourcing SEO expertise from another SEO agency or expert to help their clients enhance their online presence without doing it all in-house.

SEO reseller programs typically include a range of services to improve a client’s online visibility. These may consist of website auditing, keyword research, content creation, link building, and analytics tracking. Basically, complete on-page, off-page, technical SEO, and regular performance reports are also standard offerings. The goal is to provide a complete SEO service that collectively enhances a client’s search engine rankings and overall organic digital presence.

Top SEO reseller agencies use various tools and analytics to measure the performance of SEO campaigns for their primary SEO service provider’s clients. They monitor key metrics like website traffic, keyword rankings, and conversion rates. These agencies may also provide detailed reports highlighting the impact of optimization efforts. Whenever the SEO service provider needs a report, they can ask their partner SEO reseller agency, and they will provide detailed reporting about the performance, ensuring that clients are informed about progress and any necessary adjustments to the strategy are made to achieve the best possible results in boosting online visibility.

The pricing structure varies from one reseller to another reseller but often includes a monthly fee for the SEO services. Contracts outline the scope of services, deliverables, and terms of the partnership. Pricing depends on factors like the level of service, target keywords, and website size. It’s crucial to understand the agreement terms and costs before joining an SEO reseller program. Overall, the pricing may start from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars on a monthly basis.

The time it takes to see results from an SEO campaign through a top SEO reseller can vary. Generally, it takes several months to make significant progress. Initial changes may be seen in a few weeks, but for more competitive keywords and lasting results, a 6-month to a year timeframe is common. Factors influencing the timeline include website history, competition, and the effectiveness of the chosen SEO strategies. Regular communication with the reseller can provide insights into progress.

Top SEO resellers may offer discounts on their SEO packages, but it depends on the specific reseller and the terms of their offerings. Some resellers provide promotional discounts, especially for long-term commitments or bulk orders. However, discounts are not guaranteed and may vary. It’s advisable to discuss pricing details and potential discounts directly with the SEO reseller to understand their policies and explore any available cost-saving options.

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