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How to Choose the Best Shopify Developer?

Global eCommerce is expected to rise to USD 4.89 trillion in 2021. This sudden growth in the eCommerce industry has inspired organizations to make high-quality e-commerce websites and increase their business revenue. Businesses gravitate toward eCommerce platforms to build a requirement-specific eCommerce store for their business.

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that facilitates businesses to make comprehensive eCommerce stores. Millions of companies in 175 countries have made over USD 200 billion in sales using Shopify. Over 1.7 million merchants improvise Shopify to sell their business products to their target audience.

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. Its motive was to enable anyone with little to no coding knowledge to make a comprehensive eCommerce store. However, businesses still gravitate toward developers to create a unique eCommerce store to stand out from their competitors. However, there are a lot of dabblers pretending to be experts at Shopify development in the market.

It is essential to ensure the expertise of a developer before hiring him for a project. Getting your store right could mean a lot of extra sales and opportunities. Here are some qualities you should look for in a Shopify developer to get the best results with your Shopify online store.

Excellent Work Samples

web design portfolio

The first thing you must do to ensure the expertise of a Shopify developer is to check out his work samples. A Shopify developer with an excellent reputation has a genuine portfolio and links to the websites they have built. Do the sites the portfolio is linking to look like they are making sales. Improvise tools to track their growth. Do these websites look professional or a dabblers work.

Navigate around a couple of websites in the developer’s portfolio to check their functionality and other minute details. It also gives you an insight into the specific knowledge of the developer and their compatibility with your project.

Clear Pricing

Before hiring a Shopify developer, businesses often have a budget in mind to make a functionally rich website design. The dabblers at Shopify development are not aware of the funding required to complete all client’s requirements. The primary reason behind that is the lack of experience.

An experienced developer will give you a transparent pricing range. Experienced developers excel at understanding the requirements and estimating the budget required to fulfill them.

Ease of Communication

It is essential for the developer to be concerned about your project to make you an excellent website that fulfills all your necessities. He must be willing to discuss the project, answer all your questions thoroughly, and do their research to estimate web development trends.

Communication is a critical part of any web development project. It ensures your active involvement in the development process. It is one of the best ways to keep an eye on the ongoing project and assess the quality of the work been done to provide you with an excellent assignment.

Friendly and Funny Nature of the Developer

A client is usually not aware of all client requirements at the beginning of the project. Your necessities may alter, or there are some new requirements you might want to improvise in the project undertaken. You must be comfortable sharing all project specifications and altered requirements with your developer. Your developer must be friendly and should accept all your necessities at any point in the development process.

You might want to make changes in the final design of your Shopify store. Your developer must allow your active involvement in the development process and comply with all your requirements.

Determine the Skill Set of the Developer

There is a specific set of skills a developer must possess to be called an expert at Shopify development. Here are the top 4 skills you must look for in a Shopify developer. These skills challenge the task tracking proficiency level of a Shopify developer.

    Adding new features to an existing Shopify store

You might already have a Shopify store and looking forward to making some changes to improve its functionality. You might have a new set of products to list on your business website or introduce some new navigation, product tracking, or contact features for your store visitors. Every Shopify developer must know how to add new features to an already existing online store. They should also know how to update the price and availability and specify different product variants.

    Migrating the eCommerce store to Shopify

You might already have an eCommerce store but on a different platform, for example, Woo-Commerce or You might have recently heard about Shopify and might wanna migrate your eCommerce store to Shopify. However, you do want to keep the integrity of core website elements including the theme, functionality, and product listings. Your developer must be able to help you with that. He would be able to migrate your website to Shopify from another eCommerce platform without affecting its internal functionality.

    Ad integration

Using Facebook and Google ads is one of the best ways to grow your business on Shopify. Shopify features enable organizations to create, launch, and measure the progress of their campaigns. However, all these require you to incorporate ads into your Shopify eCommerce store. After that, you can easily set up an ad on Shopify within the twinkle of an eye. You can build customized Shopify ads to be posted on various online marketing platforms such as Google and Facebook. Shopify facilitates the automatic incorporation of the titles, images, and descriptions from your eCommerce store to your marketing platforms. It also facilitates easy tracking options for checking the progress of these ads.

Knowledge of Essential Programming Languages

A Shopify developer needs to know basic programming languages. Shopify theme is like WordPress, but Shopify uses its markup language instead of PHP. Here are some essential technical skills every Shopify developer must possess.

  • Basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  • Basic knowledge with jQuey
  • Basic knowledge of command line
  • Basic knowledge of GraphQL
  • Good understanding of building a full-stack web application

Why hire a Shopify development company?

Shopify enables anyone without any knowledge of coding to build a comprehensive eCommerce store with a few clicks. The motive of this initiative was to facilitate ease of website development. In such a case, the most commonly asked question is the importance of a Shopify development company. If anyone can create a website using Shopify, then why hire developers to build an eCommerce store?

The answer to that question is simple: to stand out from the competition. Countless people like you will be using the same themes and apps you can use to create a website. Seeking professional assistance is the best way to yield a unique design for your business eCommerce store and excel in your marketing strategy. Here are a few advantages of hiring expert Shopify developers:

Attractive and Unique

The most obvious reason for hiring a professional Shopify developer is to yield a unique and brand-specific website for your business. No doubt you can create a comprehensive website using Shopify. However, It won’t be different from other businesses in your industry.

Consumers focus not only on the products and services you offer but on the design and experience you provide in your eCommerce store. It must feature a personalized and user-specific ambiance. Professional Shopify developers incorporate analytics to understand your target audience’s behavior and are highly skilled in incorporating learnings into the design of your eCommerce store. An attractive website design enables you to increase consumer engagement and increase your conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimized Website

An SEO-optimized website is essential to ensure your website’s accessibility to its target audience. SEO-optimized websites appear on top of the search engine result pages. You might create a decent-looking consumer-centric website on your own. However, it won’t be easy for you to make it SEO-friendly. Shopify developers are highly skilled in developing an SEO-friendly website.

Shopify comes with a handful of SEO-friendly features, but there is so much more a developer can help you with to climb up the rankings. People think of SEO as a process to optimize keywords into website content to enable their access to the target audience. However, it takes more than sprinkling some keywords into your site’s content to attain higher SERP rankings.

Here are the key aspects of an SEO-optimized website to attain higher SERP rankings.

  • Optimize your Shopify store structure
  • Improve the user experience
  • Improvising the right keywords to enable your website access to the right audience.
  • Optimize keywords in the Shopify product pages
  • Linking your Shopify eCommerce store to other authoritative websites in our niche.
  • Carry a content marketing campaign to increase your website SERP rankings.
  • Use SEO tools to make your website SEO-friendly.

Save time and focus on core business activities

No matter the importance of a comprehensive website design, you can’t overlook your core business activities. It is always good to hire an experienced Shopify developer to build a comprehensive online store while you dedicate your time to your essential business activities. Most times when businesses try to handle everything on their own get sidetracked and could not achieve anything. If you want to succeed in your business activities, you need to focus on the execution and management of your core business activities.

However, you need to be actively involved in the development process. An experienced developer understands your limitations on time as an entrepreneur. He will allow you to look at iterations of your eCommerce store and make constructive changes.

Social media at your disposal

Social media is one of the leading platforms for online marketing. It enables businesses to connect to millions of potential business prospects and build lifelong relations. Social media enable businesses to build a brand audience and establish healthy communication with them.

Advanced features of Shopify enable businesses to integrate their eCommerce stores with their social media handles. The In-platform shopping functionality of Shopify allows you to attract potential business prospects from social media platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

A professional Shopify developer knows about all these features and can help you target the right platforms to target depending on your target audience preferences to enhance your conversion rates.

Better functionality

It is not only about the theming of the graphics and other website elements, your website must be functionally rich to ensure an enhanced user experience for your store visitors.

An experienced Shopify developer begins their marketing endeavors by initiating a requirement analysis. It aims at determining the client requirements of the eCommerce store. It is an opportunity for businesses to communicate their expectation of the eCommerce store for their business. You can tell them to improvise essential functions in your website that you think can be helpful to your store visitors.

Shopify developers are highly skilled in understanding client requirements and framing a functionally rich website that fulfills all client requirements. There are certain limitations to what you can achieve by designing a Shopify eCommerce store on your own. It is better to hire a Shopify developer to present your website visitors with a functionally rich website that fulfills all their requirements.

Knowledge of essential technicalities

Shopify is an open-source software compatible with multiple programming languages including Ruby, Python, PHP, or Node JS. You might not know all these programming languages. However, a Shopify developer is acquitted with all these technical terms and can improvise all of them to build you a high-quality functionally rich website.


Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. It enables businesses to come up with a comprehensive website within hours. However, there are limitations to what an individual can achieve developing a Shopify store on his own. It makes it essential to hire a Shopify developer to build a functionally rich eCommerce store and help you excel in your marketing strategy. However, there are several attributes highlighted in the article, that one must look for in a Shopify developer to ensure his expertise.

There are many reasons to hire a Shopify developer. It enables business owners to focus on their core business activities while they take care of building a functionally rich website for their business. It makes your website stand out and facilitates an excellent user experience for your consumers. Every business must incorporate professional Shopify development services as part of their marketing strategy.

Consider The Top Shopify Web Design Agencies

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What if you are selling excellent products or services online, but your website is designed in such a way that it just serves the purpose and is not at all attractive or mobile responsive? Without a doubt, your website traffic will decrease. SEO Discovery, a top-rated Shopify web developing agency, offers clients services that can’t be overlooked. Whether you want a website with mobile responsivity, search engine friendliness, and better user experience; you name it, SEO Discovery has it at an affordable price.

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