How To Grow Your Visa Consultancy Business

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, digital marketing plays a significant role. These days, every company wants to establish a presence online. since 60–70% of your intended audience is online. You may find them and reach them with the aid of digital marketing. Traditional marketing is less flexible than Local Online Marketing. It has a reach that conventional marketing methods simply do not have.

The one industry that can tremendously take advantage of Digital Marketing is the Visa Consultancy Business. Digital Marketing For Visa Consultancy Business is inexpensive and will hasten the expansion of your business. Thus, it is undoubtedly the most well-known method for advertising your company online. Compared to conventional techniques of marketing, Digital Marketing has a much wider reach. 

For Business Visa Consultants, simply joining the digital bandwagon is not enough to build brand exposure and is useless. Therefore, in today’s blog, we will be discussing the strategies for How You Can Grow The Visa Consultancy Business, How To Bring A ‘J-curve’, and How To Flood Your Business Webpage With Tons of Inquiries.



Hello Reader, We have formulated this blog to share some important ‘Tips & Tricks’ about How To Grow Visa Consultancy Business. So, read this blog thoroughly as there is a special gift for the viewers at the end of the blog that you don’t want to miss out on! Let’s dive right into it!

Tips & Tricks To Grow Your Visa Consultancy Business

Every business aims to make the most profit possible. One of the benefits of using Digital Marketing Services as a business owner is your ability to generate income quickly. If you operate or manage an organization that provides Visa Consultancy/Immigration Services, you must be aware of the need for effective marketing abilities to build brand recognition.

Actually, promoting your services to the target market is essential for the success of any organization. The majority of Business Visa Consultants choose to look for digital marketing techniques that have been tried and true and gives promise results. Well, that may not always be the best course of action. You must be intelligent. You can decide to look at what your rivals are doing to draw customers to their offerings and develop a devoted clientele.

Anyways, here are a few Tips & Tricks that, if properly taken and put into practice can result in great success for your Visa Consultancy Business and understand How To Grow Visa Consultancy Business

Tip No #1: Buyer’s Persona

Buyer’s Persona

One thing that you must always ensure before starting any business is understanding the “buyer’s persona”. Now you will ask what is a buyer’s persona. Simply put, you can get a fictional character or data about your ideal customer through the buyer’s persona. 

We have created a set of 40 questions that need to be filled in by you. It will contain Name, Age, Gender, and such things that will give you a basic idea of how your ideal customer looks. You can then base your marketing campaigns on this data to know whom you are targeting— whether it’s a student, their parent, or the decision-maker of that lead. 

Don’t be fooled to use Digital Marketing like Billboards/Traditional Marketing sit is very crucial to understand the profile of an ideal customer. 

Tip No #2: Google My Business (GMB)

The top 3 to 4 results that show over the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) page when some specific keywords are used are called Google My Business Listings. These listings are free of cost to set up and they display all the important information about your business. You can make use of the ‘Local SEO’ to outrank your competition and rank your company name in the top 5 results of Google SERP.

Tip No #3: Social Media

The way you post your content and pitch out your company on any social media network will create a recall value, authority, and credibility for your brand. It will represent your company as a “Brand” on social media, so it is very crucial to know what type of content you publish. 

The content posted on your social media channel must have a proper theme and content that is supposed to be posted every day. You need to post informative content that can help a user. For example, you can post content about the local news of Canada, and talk about trendy topics like new rules & regulations for Immigrants in Canada, the Top 10 Colleges/Universities you can choose from, Scholarships, Tourist Destinations, and much more. 

Your aim should always be posting ‘helpful content’ on social media, only then more people will start following you. More followers will help to grow your company’s webpage automatically.

Tip No. #4: Website

Having a website is not about creating a brand logo or writing a business profile in a few lines, there’s more to that. Your website must be well-designed, and responsive in nature, with attractive animations, dynamic content like articles, blogs, videos, etc., and lead magnets. 

Now, you might be thinking, what are lead magnets? 

Lead Magnets are basically ‘Call-To-Action’ marketing terms used to offer free items or services in exchange for contact information. For example, Book A Free Consultation Service, Calendar Booking, Guide Books, etc. 

These things drive the customers to click on your product or service ultimately dragging them into your marketing funnel, and your prospective website visitors can be eventually turned into your customers.

Tip No. #5: Paid Ads

You can run paid ads on various social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many more. You need to make video content the backbone of your business. Every video has a script— (1) Problem (2) Reason of problem (3) Solution to the problem. Following this will enable you to reach the targeted clients and audiences and help them solve their problems and make them happy. 

The most popular Paid Ads among marketers are Google Search Ads because customers are more likely to convert when they are actively looking for what they need.

Paid Ads

To promote services to help people achieve their immigration goals, Digital Marketing For Visa Consultancy Businesses use various Google Ads campaigns (Display, Video, App promotion, & Discover) to reach their target audiences on various platforms by following where they spend the majority of their online time.

One of the most profitable marketing techniques is “Remarketing”. 

Now how can you do that? 

Tip No. #6: G-Tag & FB Pixel (Google Tag & Facebook Pixel)

In this technological era where everything is available on the internet, it is child’s play to get a website built from anywhere at a cheap price. But what most people forget to do is implement remarketing tools— G-Tag & FB Pixel. 

Everyone knows that we don’t buy something at a first glance. We go through multiple attempts before deciding on buying something. We see that specific product or service many times on different channels and only then we decide if or not we want to make that purchase. This method is based on ‘Neuro Marketing’. 

By Implementing these tools, you can get all the information about your customer’s activity. 

So, next time when you run a marketing campaign, you would be promoting your brand only to those specific people who are interested in your product rather than thousands of new prospects. It is more likely that the person who has seen your Ad multiple times or been remarketed will turn into the potential lead and make a purchase rather than a new visitor. 

The conversion rate for quality lead generation will be high because they are already familiar with our brand.

Tip No. #7: Chat Bot

The genuine contemporary applications of artificial intelligence are chatbots (AI). A computer program with AI that is programmed to assist communications with your customers is known as a chatbot.

Your chatbots can be designed to respond to common questions (such as “How long does it takes to get PR in Canada?” or “What are the application charges of applying for a VISA?”) in a certain way, saving you time and effort of having to answer every single question from your customers.

Here are some benefits of a chatbot in your Visa Consultancy Business:

  • Helps in Traffic Segmentation
  • Helps in Lead Generation
  • Faster Payment Process
  • Faster Response for Customers
  • Gives Full Data Analytics
  • Boosts Customer Engagement
  • It Saves Time & Money

Tip No. #8: Progressive Web App (PWA)

PWAs are mobile apps that have the appearance and functionality of native mobile apps, but the data available on the app is fetched from the business website. According to a study, nearly 90% of mobile screen time is spent on native apps, yet convincing users to open your website every time is difficult. By combining the advantages of a native app with the usability of the mobile web, progressive web applications improve the user experience. 

It is very cost-effective compared to businesses with native mobile apps.

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