Digital Marketing for Startup

Digital Marketing for Startup Business

The potential and level of growth of startup businesses have changed considerably. Startup business owners may think that Digital Marketing only works in large companies. With this post, we want to make you see that this is not true. Digital Marketing is for all types of businesses, no matter how small it would be. It is necessary to define some objectives and a strategy beforehand, since “being there” is useless. There are many benefits of Digital Marketing helping you to get more customers and increase sales. 

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Startup

1. Greater Reach and Segmentation

One of the greatest advantages of Digital Marketing is the possibility of reaching a greater number of potential clients and the possibility of segmenting your audience based on the characteristics of your buyer persona. The facility that exists, for example, in social networks, to segment your audience allows specialized actions based on interests, location, age, sex, or other criteria, managing to reach the target audience you want, increasing the chances of conversion.

2. More Direct Relationship with The Public

The closest relationship with the target audience can be achieved through social networks and blogs. It allows you direct communication with the consumer. Thanks to the information you obtain, you can use it to improve your products or services and offer a “customized” product for your client. It also allows you to offer high-quality, instant customer service and 24-hour accessibility to the brand. All this translates into greater engagement and customer satisfaction.

3. Ease of Measuring Results and Adapting Strategies

In Digital Marketing basically, everything can be measured. It is one of its main advantages in addition to the ease with which these data can be obtained. Digital Marketing tools offer you very complete statistics and allow you to track the campaign in detail. This gives you the possibility to know at all times if you are reaching the established objectives and make corrections if necessary. Therefore, you have the full capacity to control and correct your strategy in real-time.

4. Brand Monitoring

Numerous reputation marketing tools allow and facilitate the monitoring of your Internet business. This is a cheap and effective way of knowing the user’s perception of your services or products, as well as being very effective in preventing or managing a possible crisis.

The costs are much more affordable compared to the channels of Traditional Marketing. The Internet has greatly reduced the costs of advertising and, with a small investment in Digital Marketing, it is possible to obtain better results than in traditional channels.

5. Increase in The Network of Contacts

Being present on the Internet and gaining visibility allows you to be in contact with other businesses and professionals with whom you can establish collaborations to improve your business.

6. You Can Get Where the Big Brands Go

Suppose you have an appliance store. With Traditional Marketing, the cost of advertising to reach a high number of people would be very high. However, Digital Marketing allows you to reach a greater number of potential clients, as a great brand could, with a small investment.

Create a Digital Marketing Plan

What is a Digital Marketing Plan?

It is a document that collects your objectives together with the strategies and actions that you are going to carry out to achieve them. This plan will help you as a guide to the actions you should take and not fail in the attempt.

What is the structure of a Digital Marketing plan?

It consists of two parts:

1.-Internal Analysis

This analysis will allow you to know the status of your business: social networks, website, blog, search engine positioning, etc.

2.-External Analysis

Here you must study your market, who is your target audience, and what your competition is doing. A SWOT analysis will help you to know the real situation of your business.


Define the goals you want to achieve. These goals must be SMART. What does this mean? They have to be specific, measurable, achievable, and relevant objectives.

Examples of Objectives:

-Get followers from your Facebook page in the next three months by making 3 daily posts.

-Get new subscribers for your Blog in the next 6 months with a weekly publication.

-Increase sales of product X by% during the Christmas campaign.

-Reduce the bounce rate of users on your website by% before the end of the year.


Once you have defined your objectives, you have to know what are the strategies and actions that you are going to carry out to achieve them.

For example: To increase the number of followers of your Instagram page, the strategy would be to create a raffle and the tactic to announce it on Instagram and your website.

Measure the Results

This may be the most “boring” part but it is necessary. It will not help you to carry out a Digital Marketing strategy if you do not know the results you are obtaining and if they correspond to the desired ones. To do this you have to use KPIs that are defined as: “a measure of the level of performance of a process. The value of the indicator is directly related to a target set in advance and is normally expressed as a percentage. ”

Marketing in Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

Social networks are a great tool to publicize your business and increase your sales. The main factor is the high number of users that each social network has.

Why is it so important that businesses are present on social networks?

  • You Can Get to Know Your Customers Better and Obtain Important Data

In social networks, we have the opportunity to be closer to your customers and interact with them. This allows you to know what needs they have, what they think of your products and services, what they value most about your business, etc. Information that you can take advantage of to improve your products, provide a better service, and get more customers.

  • You Get More Visibility

Social networks allow you to show your products and services to the public in an open way. Users, in a couple of clicks, can get to know your business.

  • It Allows You to Provide More Information and Content to Your Audience

Social media tools are perfect to keep your clients informed about news, offers, events, news, etc. related to your business.

  • Advertising Costs Are Lower

Advertising on Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is quite inexpensive and its results are very good.

  • It Improves Engagement

Social media increases the brand’s ability to engage your audience and create a long-term commitment that ends up leading them to become customers.

Your Business Website

Having a website today is basic for both local and large businesses. Both large companies and small businesses need a place on the Internet that gives them more visibility. Also, having a website will provide confidence in the brand and improve its perception. It is increasingly common for consumers to go online first to make purchases or obtain information on products and services. Therefore, if you want to reach these customers and get to know them, it is essential that you have a website where they can show you products and services.

Having a business website is an affordable way to make yourself known on an ongoing basis. The greater visibility, the increase of new potential clients, and the loyalty of the current ones will mean an increase in sales and a greater benefit for your business. Also, you cannot forget that it is a communication channel open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Finally, highlight that it will help you improve your search engine rankings and, therefore, potential customers will be able to find you easily.

Highlight Mobile Compatibility

Mobile compatibility is one of the most important digital strategies in local marketing. Most customers use their mobile phones to access relevant business information. Make your website design responsive to make sure it works best on mobile phones. This allows your customers to go through your website on any device at their comfort level.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business offers local businesses a great opportunity to improve their online visibility. Make your company appear in Google My Business so that your audience can easily find you in Google in their search results. Optimize the ad to place your website in the top 3 results activated by Google while a customer searches for a similar business.


The blog is a perfect Digital Marketing tool to attract potential clients and retain existing ones.

What are some of its advantages?


1.-It helps you transmit identity and brand image.

2.-It allows you to work on your reputation, as a business, and on a personal level.

3.- Generate more qualified traffic to your website.

4.-You are going to reach more public and therefore potential customers.

5.-Improve your search engine positioning.

6.-It allows you to communicate with your audience through comments. From them, you can get feedback that you can use to improve.

7.- You can talk about your products or services in a more direct and close way.

8.- Loyalty to your clients so that they remain connected to you and your business.

Email Marketing

It is the oldest tool but it is still one of the most effective. An electronic mail continues to be one of the means that we use and consult the most. Its cost is low and the results obtained are quite good. It also allows you to carry out detailed monitoring of the campaigns: opening rate, clicks, unsubscription, etc.

Tips to Use Email Marketing for Promoting your Business?

Create A Database

The first thing you should do is create a database with the addresses of your clients.

How Can You Get Their Addresses?

-Ask your clients to provide their email to keep them informed of promotions and news. You can offer him a discount.

-Create loyalty cards where your email addresses are requested.

-Make your clients subscribe through your website by providing them with a fixed section or as a pop-up window.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Having a email marketing strategy developed is essential to achieve the desired results. You can find free tools (Mail Chimp, Mailrelay) that will allow you to carry out this task.

What types of emails can you send?

1.- Bulletins or Newsletter

You can inform your subscribers of news related to your business, promotions, new products or services, etc. They are informative and allow you to retain your clients and always be present in their minds. They are usually sent periodically.

2.- Promotional Campaigns

Send discounts and specific promotions to build customer loyalty.

3.- Invitations

Invite your subscribers to participate in events, new releases, etc.

4.- Special Dates

Take advantage of special dates to capture the attention of your customers. Christmas, Sales, Black Friday, etc.


Conduct surveys through email marketing to know the opinions of your customers and can improve and offer them better products or services. Encourage them to participate by offering them a discount or a direct gift.

Local SEO

Local SEO helps you attract clients to your physical business. What is local SEO? We give you an example that surely sounds familiar to you. You need a hardware store near the place where you are, you perform a Google search, and all the hardware stores that you have near your location appear. That’s local SEO, do you understand now its importance?


SEM means Search Engine Marketing. When we talk about SEM, we usually refer to paid search ad campaigns. Google has its own AdWords platform that allows you to carry out this type of campaign. A good SEM positioning in Google will allow you to reach a multitude of users who use this search engine. 80% of consumers searching related items or information on local consumption. This has been revealed by a Think with Google study.


As you have seen, Digital Marketing is valid for all types of businesses and companies, and not only that, it is necessary for everyone. Having a digital marketing agency by your side is essential to reach more customers and improve your brand image. It is no longer an option; it is an obligation.

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