SEO Discovery is a top SEO services provider in India delivering state of the art branding, digital marketing, and content creation services globally. Our SEO experts build a comprehensive online presence through our services in the efforts towards placing your business on the top of Google search results.

Our customized SEO solutions best suit the organizations that are on their way to be the best in their industry.

SEO Services we Offer

Complete Website Audits
On-page, off-page optimization
Keyword Research
Content Creation

Why SEO?

Change is inevitable and time has changed the way businesses market their products and services today. The traditional door-to-door marketing and print advertising have been replaced a long time back with digital marketing. Thanks to the technological advancement! And when it comes to digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is worth a mention. While you all know that most of the businesses have a strong online presence, a majority of businesses still don’t know about how important it is to have a website for their business to grow and thrive. While creating a website that reflects your business is a must, optimizing it so that it instills the interest of your users and Google is also crucial. With so many websites out there, it is possible that your website becomes invisible in the cutting-edge competition. Search engine optimizations the technique that prevents this from happening!

And, here is where SEO Services come into play.

Today, SEO is the most economical and effective method to:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Acquire new customers
  • Get top rank in Google search rankings, and
  • Increase sales

Looking for the best SEO experts?

Why choose our SEO services?

SEO Discovery is an experienced team of SEO experts and content writers that holds in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO services. Our team has an immeasurable SEO background and has ranked several websites across diverse markets. The SEO team at SEODiscovery draws a clear outline of your website and target customers by auditing your business thoroughly. Then, we present your products & services to the potential customers at the exact moment in the right way when they need it.

We believe that generic targeting is just a fad today. Most SEO companies follow a common practice of distributing the keywords and waiting for the results, which unfortunately never show-up.

This is simply not the case with us!

The methods SEO Discovery professionals employ are entirely customized to your business goals, needs and expectations.

There’s never one formula. Instead, our professionals invest their time and efforts researching your business to determine your strength, weaknesses, competitors, and the loopholes.

Client satisfaction has been our prime concern. Hence, we deliver what we promise in the first place. We provide SEO results that will stay on the search rankings for long. We do not hussle; our quality work is our strength.

We Offer Custom SEO Solutions

Research & Technical Audit

Our first step is to find out the issues of the website that is causing trouble in ranking and then research about the issues. Then, we recommend a solid custom SEO Strategy.

Custom SEO Strategy

We don’t believe in the traditional SEO approach which had equal fits for every type of business.We believe in the custom SEO strategy as per Google algorithms.

Strategy Implementation

We implement the custom SEO strategies with white hat SEO methodologies to create your reach and to drive more leads for better ROI.

We will take care of all your digital marketing needs.

Connect with us today.

Our Approach

We at SEO Discovery offers on-page and off-page strategies to create a well-thought out plan that leads us to achieving the desired goals for your business. We at SEODiscovery believe that SEO is a comprehensive understanding of search engine, and the metrics and techniques at different levels. With this in mind, our SEO experts keenly study search patterns by the audience to define the target audience clearly along their mostly used search terms.

Our experts ensure that the most relevant keywords with a high potential of getting ranked are identified and used in the right way. Then, these keywords are used efficiently across your website judiciously that includes your web URLs, and the main body and tags.

Further, we perform regular website audits, use our custom-made content schemes, and the capability to unite the dots inward the internet where your customers abide.

If you are curious about how we can help you, please connect with us right now!

Before it gets too late us today and get your website optimized to ensure your place on the top Google rankings!

No need to choose readymade/fixed SEO Packages because every website has its own requirments.

Please share your specific requirements with us. Our Research & SEO Experts team will get back to you with custom SEO solutions.


  • Keywords Targeted 10
  • Suitable for small business


  • Keywords Targeted15
  • Suitable for small and medium business


  • Keywords Targeted 20
  • Suitable for medium and large business


  • Keywords Targeted30
  • Suitable for large business
SEO Packages - 2018 ($150 per month) ($200 per month) ($250 per month) ($300 per month)
10 Keywords 15 Keywords 20 Keywords 30 Keywords
Initial Review & Analysis
Mobile/Responsive compatibility check
Website Analysis
Initial Back links analysis
Google Penalty Check
Competition Analysis 3 5
Keyword Research & Analysis 10 15 20 30
On Page Optimization
Title Tags Optimization
META Tags Optimization
Robots.txt Creation/Optimization
Sitemap.xml Creation
ror.xml Creation
urllist.txt Creation
info.txt Creation for alexa & business directories
Anchor Tags Optimization
H1 Tag Optimization
Content Optimization
Images Optimization
Internal Linking Optimization
Google Webmaster Tools Setup
Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
Google Analytics Setup & Integration
Search Engine Submission
Google My Business Setup & Verification
Google Places + Photo/Multimedia additions
Customer Reviews/Ratings 1 2 3
Listing in Yelp and Yellow Pages 1 3 5
Local Keyword Landing pages 3 5
Local Classified ads 2 4 7 10
Local Citation submissions 3 5 10 15
Guest Blogging Links
Blogs Writing
Informational Article Writing
Article Submission
Press Release Writing
Press Release Submission
Image Sharing Backlinks 2 3 5 8
Blog Social Bookmarking Links 3 5 10 15
Business listing links 2 3 6 8
WEB 2.0 PROFILES 2 3 5 7
Video Sharing links 2 3 5 7
Premium Directory Submission 5 8 10 15
Doc & PDF Sharing links 2 5 7
Audio Sharing backlinks 1 2 3 5
Infographic Promotion 1 2 4
Micro - Blogging 3 5 7 10
PPT Submission Backlinks 2 3 5 7
Facebook Creation and Optimization
Twitter Creation and Optimization
Youtube Optimization
Google+ Optimization
Weekly Keyword Improvement report
Weekly Work Report
Google Analytic Static Report Monthly Monthly
Back-links improvement report Monthly Monthly
Skype meeting
Customer Support
24/7 Live Project Tracking
  • Small Business SEO


    10 Keywords Optimization

  • Mid-Size Business SEO


    15 Keywords Optimization

  • Large Business SEO


    20 Keywords Optimization

Small BussinessMid BussinessLarge Bussiness

*Guaranteed Services : We offer guaranteed ranking with white hat SEO services (written guarantee agreement) in an agreed timeframe as per the website and keyword analysis.


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What Clients Says About Us


Why should I Choose SEO Discovery for SEO?

SEO Discovery is ranked #1 team of digital marketing for organic search engine optimization by for a proven track record of successful projects and 200+ in-house specialists team. What sets us apart from other SEO agencies is our finely chosen talented staff. We have dedicated specialists for the specific services including but not limited to Social Media Experts, Outreach Experts, PPC Experts, Email Marketing Experts. Your website will be optimized by 10+ experts in different areas.

How long does it take to achieve results?

Within the first week, we will provide you with a technical site review and keyword phrase strategy. Within the first fifteen (15) days, we begin optimizing and submitting to all engines and directories. Within the first thirty (30) days, the search engine and directories begin to show results of our preliminary efforts.

What is your Holistic SEO Approach?

We pursue a holistic SEO approach: our SEO support includes technology, content, backlinks as well as user behavior like usability and user engagement. We would be happy to discuss the achievements and/or measures for you in a consultation. To do this, we carry out an initial preliminary analysis without obligation, in which we determine your individual requirements.

Who Actually Implements The Agreed Optimization (SEO)?

The contracted adjustments to the customer home page (revisions of the source code and the internal links, upload and installation of landing pages, etc.) are usually done directly by our developers. This requires sharing of the credentials (FTP, CMS, etc.). An alternative to this is the implementation or upload by the client himself/herself, in which case we provide all the files and the SEO concept plan. However, it is advisable to hand over your website access to the agency, as it has the human resources and the know-how to implement all measures promptly and purposefully.

How much Gain in Traffic Can Be Expected By Search Engine Optimization?

If the ranking of the pages increases in SERP, the number of visitors, i.e. the potential customers, is increased because of the higher visibility. In addition, the number of site visits on the company homepage is determined by a number of other factors. For example, many users reach the respective website via forwarding in social networks or a corporate blog (with their own domain) and provide additional traffic on the central company website. Therefore, not only the central homepage but all official websites should be integrated into the SEO strategy.

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are compact, clear and appealing web pages, which provide information about individual products or services and thus actively contribute to the generation of sales. The text contained in the landing pages (including the headings and titles/descriptions) is optimized for specific keywords, with the aim that consumers who are looking for specific product genres and have a specific demand "arrive" on these pages and, if possible, directly to the purchase or for online ordering. For this reason, Landing Pages have to meet textually and stylistically the expectations of the respective target group precisely and to satisfy expected information needs.

Do you follow SEO practices/do you have a code of ethics in place?

Yes. We are a member of major SEO related directories/chapters and subscribe to the industry SEO code of ethics. We also are a member of W3C.

What if you fail to provide committed results?

This happens rarely when we fail to meet the deadline. However, if this happens, we would do your job for an extended period with no additional cost.

How Long Does an SEO Campaign Take?

SEO is an ongoing process that can provide lasting strategic advantages only as a package of long-term measures. Top rankings on the first Google results page are the result of continuous SEO campaigns with a professional support by specialized service providers who professionally pursue their line of work. Once these prerequisites are in place, there are opportunities for first-class placements, even in terms of sales-relevant and highly competitive search terms.

How Do I Know If The SEO Team Works Well?

Only when we work closely with you can we do a good job. We need to understand what exactly your business is, who your competitors are and who your customers are or should be. In the exchange with you, we will explain to you why all this information is useful, how we can incorporate it into our work. We want to make our approach transparent. In addition, we will also provide you with concrete figures on the effects of our work. To this end, we are using suitable tools, the functionality of which we would be pleased to show you. So, you keep control of what we do and whether we can do it successfully.

Do You Follow SEO Practices/Do You Have A Code Of Ethics In Place?

Our 7 Core Code of Ethics

  • 1. We treat our client relationships as an investment and always evaluate long-term profits.
  • 2. We only use the most effective, ethical practice to ensure the security of your online business and reputation.
  • 3. We protect your own information and confirm that the trust you put in us to do so, are sacred.
  • 4. We never stop new ideas of renewal that will allow you to keep the classifications we work hard to secure.
  • 5. We never subject our clients to hidden costs or fine printing and instead of pulling it open to solidify and trust partnerships.
  • 6. We are always available for the clients and keep open lines of communication and direct addressing questions, issues and interests.
  • 7. We tie our own success on your success, considering anything less than a long-term increase in profits a failure and work with care to make sure that never happens

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