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SEO for plumbers: marketing strategies and tips for success:

There have been numerous remarkable inventions in century. None of them come close to the discovery of the internet. It changed the way people perceive the world. Businesses have done marvels.

A few years ago the invention of the internet, even in its early days, people used to flip their phone directories to seek assistance from service-providing businesses. The only way for businesses to connect with their customers is via these directories or through traditional marketing. 

The internet provided businesses access to local as well as global audiences. Eventually, it became a separate and currently popular digital marketing field. The internet became the most common way for locals to find the services they are looking for, 

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows businesses to rank on search engine result pages (SERPs) for specific search terms. By applying proven plumber SEO strategies, an authorised service provider can enhance the growth of plumbing businesses. It can help them reach their local audience and meet their business goals.

Keep reading to learn more about SEO for plumbing businesses:-

1. What are the characteristics of SEO for plumbers?

SEO for plumbers is a specific field of SEO that enables plumbing businesses to rank for search terms that help them connect to their target audience. For example, “plumbers near me,” “best plumber in Texas,” etc. 

It is a set of tactics essential for the growth of online plumbing businesses.

2. How does SEO for plumbers work?

Search engines are the most popular online platform. It is the modern way organisations connect to their target audience and convey their business process. They use it as a tool to market their services and achieve their business goals.

It is challenging to rank for a similar search term on search engines. How does that work? Allow me to explain.

Search engines have rules and regulations that enable them to authenticate the quality of a specific service provider called algorithms. The higher the quality of your services, the higher your rankings go.

As an expert in digital marketing, we at SEO Discovery understand these google algorithms and can help you access your clients through our dedicated plumbing SEO services.

Let us discuss how we can help you grow your business on digital platforms.

3. Elements of plumbing SEO: our proven process

Through our years of experience, we developed a deep understanding of search engine algorithms. We have converted this wisdom into our proven SEO process that helps us deliver concrete results for our partnering plumbing businesses. Let us discuss the following:

Researching keywords

The keywords are people’s search terms to find a service or product on their preferred online platform. Finding the right keywords is a primary and essential stage of any marketing strategy

What most people think of keyword research is going through the most popular keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggests, and Semrush. Undoubtedly, it is a vital part of keyword research; besides, there is much more to it. Most businesses target the right keywords and must improve their marketing endeavours

Various factors determine the right keyword for a specific plumbing business. For example, the scale of their business, the area in which they function, and many more. It is what makes the difference between the top and the bottom-ranked businesses.

Inserting keywords

Businesses use malign SEO tactics to stuff their content with keywords to attain higher SERP rankings. It could have been more effective, but it worked for some of them. However, with the launch of Google’s Panda algorithm on February 23, 2011, their traffic drained away.

The Panda algorithm prioritises quality over any other factor. Businesses that used malign SEO tactics saw an overnight loss in their website traffic. It is crucial to use keywords in your content and maintain the balance between promotion and information.

We understand these technicalities and excel at making these keywords appear naturally in your website content.

Creating content

Content is vital. It is a way to convey business information to their target audience. On the other hand, there are several techniques of content you need to apply to outshine your competitors. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Sending email newsletters to potential clients
  2. Writing a press release for newly launched services
  3. Writing business and website content to convey business information.
  4. And many more.

The service provider you opt for must be familiar with all these techniques and should help you maintain quality and strengthen your brand image through content.

We at SEO Discovery have been helping plumbing businesses to attain their business goals and increase their customer base for over a decade. You can rely on us for your business marketing endeavours while you take care of the core business activities.

Optimising the page speed

A link to a website takes over 5 seconds to load. Would you still wait for it to load or bounce off? You should start looking for a similar website with similar content. One must optimise the business website for high speed. 

But how do you do that? Allow me to elaborate. It has to deal with the core web vitals.

The core web vitals helps plumbing businesses increase their website speed and amaze their clients with excellent customer service. There are three of them, and let us have a brief look at them:

1. Largest contentful paint (LCP):-  

The largest contentful paint is a measure of your website’s loading performance. A website loading time under 2.5 seconds is essential for an enhanced consumer experience. Under this process, web developers aim to minimise the fill size of complex website elements, such as graphics, images, videos, etc. It facilitates servers to load resources quickly and present their consumers with a fast-loading website.

2. First input delay (FID):- 

It is the issue when visitors can access your content inventory, and some website elements are still loading. It provides a malign consumer experience and increases bounce rates. SEO discovery SEO experts help you reduce first input delay and ensure a welcoming experience for your website visitors.

3. Cumulative Layout shift (CLS):-

It has to deal with the stability of the website elements. You might have come across this problem over the internet. It is when you are trying to click through a link on the website, but the instability causes the website elements to move to trick you into clicking something you did not intend to.

We can help you maintain stability on your website elements and attain the heights of plumbing SEO. 

  • Technical SEO

Businesses often overlook the importance of technical SEO. Besides, it is essential as well as on-page and off-page SEO, and it helps search engines understand your content base and explores your website.

Some popular technical SEO elements include a sitemap, breadcrumbs and an organised website structure. An expert service provider like SEO Discovery can help scale up your technical SEO game and achieve your business goals. 

  • On-page SEO

If you are familiar with SEO in usual terms, you might know a little about on-page SEO. It is often referred to as the mainstream of search engine optimisation. It has to deal with your business’s digital presence and ensure an enriched experience for your website visitors. On-page SEO helps you present your business to the best of itself.

Some popular on-page SEO elements include keyword optimization, internal linking, and presentable website elements. On-page SEO deals with everything your user sees on your website, and it is a highly technical task that an expert should only undertake.

4. How does SEO Discovery help plumbing businesses meet their marketing goals?

If your businesses do not have a digital presence, you are a ghost to your potential business prospects and target audience. Plumbing businesses must understand the essentiality and the potential of digital marketing for their business’s marketing endeavours. 

We at SEO Discovery enjoy the digital journey and always look forward to new learning opportunities. We aim to strengthen our knowledge base and keep our spot among the leading digital marketing thought leaders around the globe.

We can help you attain higher SERP rankings and outshine your competitors on search engine result pages. We can segment your target audience and allow them naturally discover your plumbing business and connect to it. Here are some of the outcomes of partnering with SEO discovery. 

  • A significant increase in your website traffic.
  • More leads of high-end business prospects.
  • A robust digital presence for your plumbing business.
  • Segment your target audience based on your business specifications.

5. Consequences of neglecting plumbing SEO:-

In 2022, If you do not market your business digitally, you do not market your business at all. Paying attention to plumbing SEO can be devastating for your plumbing business.

You might have a very well-designed website, but you expose it to your business prospects with proper SEO tactics. You will need to grow your consumer base and achieve your business goals.

An ongoing plumbing SEO strategy is your ticket to the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs).

6. Things to remember while DIYing plumbing SEO:-

Even after going through the benefits of partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency to fulfil your SEO requirements, here are some quick tips if you still decide to DIY your SEO requirements.

  • Determine the right keywords:- 

It is essential to have a deep understanding of your business processes, scale, and target audience. This information will help you determine the keywords to reach your target audience. You can leverage keyword research tools and follow the digital conversations that concern your brand to select your target audience preferences.

In this way, you can determine the right keywords and endeavour to rank for them on search engine result pages.

  • Leverage local SEO:- 

It is essential to focus on your local SEO tactics to target the audience of a specific area or region. Local SEO helps you create a demographic border for segmenting your target audience. 

The Google My Business (GMB) tool can strengthen your local SEO game.

  • Get Social:-

Social media is another way to connect to your target audience. Having social media handles for your plumbing brand and posting regular content to communicate to your target audience is essential. Unlike search engines, social media enables you to show the personal side of your business and build life-long relations with your target audience.

  • Create quality content:-

Content is one of the essential elements of digital marketing. High-quality content is the key to attaining the heights of search engine results pages. Keep active on the internet and look for unique content ideas. It will help you provide a quality experience.


No matter our business industry, SEO is essential for marketing, and plumbing businesses are no different. There are specific SEO techniques that can help plumbing businesses understand their marketing technicalities and achieve their business goals.

However, it can be difficult for plumbing businesses to market their services and simultaneously take care of the core business activities. It is where professional SEO service providers come into play, and they understand the technical complications and can relieve you of your marketing responsibilities.

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